Long Term Curriculum Plans


We believe that good teaching results when teachers

  • Focus and structure their teaching so that pupils are clear about what is to be learned and how it fits with what they already know
  • Actively engage pupils in their learning so that pupils make their own meaning from it
  • Develop pupils’ learning skills so that their learning becomes increasingly independent
  • Use assessment for learning to help pupils reflect on what they already know, reinforce the learning being developed and set targets for the future
  • Have high expectations of the effort that pupils should make and what they can achieve
  • Make the learning motivating by well paced teaching using stimulating activities matched to a range of learning styles
  • Create an environment that promotes learning in a settled and purposeful atmosphere.
  • Take calculated risks to ensure teaching is exciting.

Teachers will ensure that planned objectives are clearly stated in child friendly language. We will also aim to make sure that the lessons are well paced, effectively moving the children’s thinking on. Opportunities will be given for children to make connections with previous learning. We will aim to provide children with a wide range of materials and resources in order to extend their thinking and learning. ICT will be used wherever possible to support teaching and aid learning.

Our teaching assistants, guided by teachers, have a very important contact role with the children. Some have responsibilities for the planning and delivery of key support programmes.  All Teaching Assistants will have regard for this policy to help them fulfil their role and support the teaching and learning in the school.

Termly class curriculum planners are available on the class page.The National Curriculum for Schools can be found at: