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Year 5

Mrs Barker (Class Teacher)

Mrs Hose, Mrs Lorek, Mrs Read and Mrs Chan (Support Staff)

Summer 2023

In English, we been learning a topic based on fantasy stories by author and illustrator Shaun Tan.  The children have enjoyed the stories of everyday life with fantasy twists. We have already written detailed summaries, experimented with parenthesis and are looking forward to discovering more stories to inspire our English work. 

In Maths, Year 5 have begun the term with a focus on statistics. We have been looking at different types of tables and graphs and interpreted their data. We are now learning about angles and the children will be looking to broaden their knowledge on their features, find missing angles in right angles, along straight lines and around a point.  

In Science, the children have been learning about animals including humans focusing on life cycles of a human from fertilisation to old age. The children have enjoyed creating their own life cycle by bringing pictures into the class.  

Year 5 will start the summer term by reading maps in Geography and exploring the local area. They will look at different types of maps, explore the use of symbols,  use compasses and grid references to locate places on a map. Summer 2 will introduce a new History topic to Year 5. They will learn about different monarchs and their reign. 

Spring 2023 

This half term has already been very eventful, and I am very excited to share what we have been learning in Year 5.  

In English, we have been focusing on a type of story called a circular narrative, this is where a part of the story is then repeated at the end, starting the story all over again. We have been using the story The Promise and its figurative language and hidden messages to inspire our writing to write a similar tale with an environmental issue. 

In Maths, our focus has been on fractions. Everyone has worked really hard to identify equivalent fractions and convert between improper fractions and mixed numbers. We have worked really hard to use the correct mathematical vocabulary throughout these lessons.  

Throughout our Geography topic, we have been learning all about mountains. We have found it fascinating to describe how mountains naturally form, locate famous mountains around the world, research and describe mountain climates and describes features of mountain ranges.  

In Art, we are looking at a style of print making called monotypes. We have studied how they are created, looked at famous pieces by Kevork Mourad and replicated parts of his work and style by visual notetaking in our sketch books. 

During our DT topic, the children made bridges out of card and paper and experimented with types of beams to test its strength. The children had a criteria they followed to ensure their bridges were successful.  

I have been extremely impressed by Year 5’s engagement with the curriculum . I have especially been impressed with the class’s attitude and responsibility during our residential trip. We spent time participating in exciting activities such as archery, high ropes and bush craft. 

Autumn 2022

Hello everyone and welcome back! Year 5 have made an amazing start to the new academic year. Everyone has settled so well to the new rules and changes in routines, and I cannot wait to share what we have been learning 

In English, Year 5 have been busy look at mystery and suspenseful writing. We have been inspired by our class book Boy In The Tower to create our own first-person accounts of destruction caused by a mysterious and unknown source.  

In Maths we have been relearning place value up to a million, multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000 including decimals. I have been really impressed with the work that I have seen! 

Science has been very engaging. The children have been planning and carrying out an investigation on electrical circuits and materials that are conductors or insulators. I know the class enjoyed making their circuits and using their measured data to conclude their answers well!  

I have also been blown away by the children’s focus in our History lessons. In History we have been following William of Normandy. We are looking at how he became King of England and how his claim to the throne was filled with breaking oaths, invasions and one very important battle. We will be moving onto how William brought a type of castle called a Motte-and-Bailey castle to England.

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