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Year 5

Mr Brittin (Class Teacher)

Mrs Read (Support Staff)

Summer 2022

In English, we have started to read the non-fiction text, ‘Survivors’ by David Long. The children have been enthralled in the real life stories of the inspirational people who have survived tough situations. We have already written detailed safety leaflets to prepare future adventurers and retold some of the events using paragraphs to structure our writing. We can’t wait to discover more stories to inspire our English work.

In Maths, Year 5 have begun the term with a focus on angles. We have become familiar with protractors and used them to measure and draw angles accurately, whilst being able to name each angle using our knowledge of their features. The children have started to find missing angles in right angles, along straight lines and around a point. We will be moving onto using graphs and charts to analyse and record data.

In Science, the children have been fascinated by their new topic, ‘Animals, including humans’. They have used family photos to name the life stages and record how we develop to old age. We will be analysing growth data and using bar charts and tables to present out findings. In Summer 2, the children will continue to explore humans and animals, focusing on life cycles, living things and their habitats.

Year 5 will start the summer term by reading maps in Geography and exploring their local area. They will create their own maps using compasses and their knowledge of maps. Summer 2 will introduce a new History topic to Year 5. They will learn about William the Conqueror and understand his reign over England, particularly focusing on Berkhamsted Castle, linking to Geography of our local area.

We have been extremely impressed by Year 5’s engagement with the curriculum and are looking forward to exploring our new topics this term. We are especially looking forward to our residential trip to Phasels Wood in May, where we will spend time participating in exciting activities such as abseiling, high ropes and bush craft.

Spring 2022

We have enjoyed reading ‘The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe’ as part of our English topic. The children have been engaged in writing descriptions of characters, settings and atmospheres using complex sentence structures, and have also explored using formal language to write persuasive letters. Year 5 have been working on finding percentages of amounts in maths. This has presented the children with a challenge, which they have faced with high aspirations.

In Science, the children have been learning all about the planets in our solar system. They have shown great interest in this topic and have produced some brilliant work, describing how the planets move around each other. We are looking forward to discovering more about space.

The children have recently learnt all about life in the Victorian era. We have been fascinated by how different life was for children during this period and how dreadful their days at school must have been. We can’t wait for our Victorian day, where we will have the opportunity to learn even more about this.

It would be a shame not to mention the effort that the whole class has put into their work across the curriculum. The children have shown great resilience when faced with challenges and have been supportive of one another’s achievements. Their aspiration has not gone unnoticed.



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