Return to Classes

Year 5

Miss Lewis (Class Teacher)

Mrs Read (Support Staff)

Summer 2021

Year 5 have been exploring our local history. We began by exploring where St Albans got its name. We then looked at the various factors that encouraged Anglo Saxon settlers to stay after the Romans had left. Most recently, the children have been role playing as if they were Henry VI. The children explored the reasons behind the Battle of St Albans and then decided whether they would support Richard of York’s side or Edmund Beaufort’s side.

Our writing has linked to our Science investigation of space. The children have written diaries of their (imagined) lunar missions and will be writing newspapers to commemorate the first lunar landing. .

Earlier on in the term we learnt all about mountains as well as developing our watercolour skills by painting our own mountain landscapes.

In Science we turned our attention towards Biology, focusing in particular on different means of reproduction and different types of lifecycles.

With children back in school, we at last have the opportunity to begin exploring some more complicated areas of computer coding; this will include work on HTML and CSS languages as well as using Microbit computers and designing models in 3D.

Finally, with the weather improving, we hope to get onto the field more frequently and enjoy our P.E. sessions where we will work on athletics skills, football and cricket.

Spring 2021

It has been quite a rollercoaster start to the term but we have been delighted to hear the news that children will be returning to class before Easter. Even though learning has had to take place at home and via Zoom and Seesaw, there has still been a wealth of excellent work that we have enjoyed sharing.

The children have worked really hard on their Victorian topic and this has resulted in some highly creative videos – children pretending to be industrialists, inventors or workers in factories.

Having looked at a range of Victorian – era painters, we have enjoyed sharing work inspired by Constable, Rousseau, Monet and many more. The children have worked particularly hard on their Victorian writing – work based on Oliver Twist. Mr Yeldham was really impressed by the quality of description and the use of a range of clause structures and speech types.

The children have also been working hard on a range of topics that include Humanism, Forces and thinking about their futures and the futures of different people around the world (via our Jigsaw unit).

Autumn 2020

The children in Year 5 have been brilliant in making a positive start to a slightly different looking Manland School. We have started the year investigating place value in Maths and we will be moving on to a range of areas including fractions, written calculations and problem solving.

In Science the children are exploring the properties of different materials and we are hoping to conduct a full range of experiments into different liquids, insulators and examine reversible and irreversible changes.

The children have already composed some excellent cinquain poems and will be moving into more descriptive story writing, including their own versions of The Odyssey. We will be putting a lot of emphasis on talk time and sharing our thoughts so that children can express their feelings about the world around them.

Year 5 have been working really enthusiastically on the Ancient Greece topic. We have learnt about the differences between the Modern and Ancient Olympics and the importance of Ancient Greek pottery to help interpret the past.