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Pupil Parliament

“Without a Pupil Parliament, teachers wouldn’t know how we feel and think” Emma, Year 6
“We represent the whole school” Rosie, Year 5
“It makes the school a better place” Daniel, Year 5
“We feel we can make a difference” Poppy, Year 3


At the end of last term, we were once again been busy promoting British Values through our election of the new Pupil Parliament.

Our Pupil Parliament replaces the School Council and will continue to enable pupils from all year groups to be actively involved in many ways across the school. This year, children will become a ‘Minister’ with special responsibilities for certain areas of the school.

Just like School Council, children were elected by their class after giving a short speech in which they outlined their leadership skills and explained why they were standing for election. Each year group elected two Members of Parliament to take on a ‘ministerial role,’ apart from Year 6, who elected four, two of whom were appointed as Prime Minister and Deputy Prime minister. Congratulations to all the pupils who took part and good luck to all our Ministers!

Year  Ministers
Six Maxi, Eliot, Matilda and Linus
Five Noah and Sophie
Four Eliza and Sammy
Three Edward and Chloe
Two Lia and Thomas
One Olivia and Oisin

The role of our Pupil Parliament is to:

  • organise charity events,
  • carry out pupil questionnaires,
  • work on joint projects with the Eco-Committee,
  • make suggestions for school improvements.


We have had a busy start to the 2023/2024 academic year. Fourteen children from Reception to Year 6 have been selected. They are a very proactive and enthusiastic group!

Our Pupil Parliament meets on a weekly basis. In these meetings we discuss different ways to improve and raise money for our school. Following which we communicate our activities to our own classes.


Bim Afolami 

Our Pupil Parliament have welcomed Harpenden & Hitchin MP, Bim Afolami, to school. 

Members of the Manland Parliament were fortunate to spend time with Bim, asking about his role and how they can aspire to reach a similar position.  In terms of personal development, it was an incredible experience for our Manland Parliamentarians – well done all!


School Furnishings

Recently, our Pupil Parliament were faced with one of the most important debates of their parliamentary careers, as they were tasked with selecting the colour of the new classroom carpets, blinds and hard floor for the Manland Makeover!

Pupils for many years to come will benefit from the Manland Makeover so the decision facing Pupil Parliament was a tricky one!  Having been provided with samples, the Manland Pupil Parliament considered all the important factors when selecting appropriate colours.  Will it show up stains?  Will it let in sufficient light?  Will it make my classroom look nice? And will it go well with the other colours?  After debating all these questions, the Parliamentarians made their selections and Chloe from Year 3 provided us with the selections made by Pupil Parliament:

Well done to the Pupil Parliament for considering all the options, debating the advantages and disadvantages  and for reaching a consensus!  We were really impressed with the mature and responsible way you made this difficult decision.

The Manland Makeover will be taking place in the Summer holidays.  We know lots of parents/carers have supported this project, whether it be donating funds to Friends of Manland, or offering to come in during the Summer holidays as part of the HSA parent helpers.  We thank you all for your support – we cannot wait for the children to come back in September and see the results of your hard work!

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