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How to Keep Safe

Staying Safe Online

Using computers and other online technologies can be a fantastic learning tool for everyone but we must not forget to follow a handful of simple steps to ensure we are being careful at all times when going on the web. In school we ensure we are being SMART.

There are many trusted sites that can help you to make the right choices online, here are a few of our suggestions:

Road Safety

At Manland we want to:
• encourage our pupils to walk, cycle or scoot to school
• help our pupils be healthier, more independent and environmentally friendly
• encourage parents to remind their children of the rules of the road and the pavement
• educate children to be confident and safe when crossing roads

All children at Manland attend regular assemblies linked to the theme of keeping themselves safe and individual classes have further education from outside agencies which include Community Policing services, Crucial Crew (linked to the local Fire Service) and Bikeability. Here are some further links you may find useful:

Feeling Safe at School

In our lessons and assemblies, we regularly discuss ways in which we can keep ourselves safe.

Remember to…

  • Tell an adult you trust if something is worrying or upsetting you.
  • Write your teacher a note and put it in the worry box in your classroom.
  • Follow the school rules and the rules which your parents set you.
  • Stay safe online using what you have learnt at school and at home.
  • If you are allowed to go out without your parents or carers, stay with your friends.
  • Stop, look and listen when you are crossing a road.
  • If you can’t find your parent or carer, tell a trusted adult. For example, a policeman or a shopkeeper.

Here are some more links you may find useful:

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