Our school regularly receives support from our wider community and our pupils benefit greatly from the work of our parent and carer volunteers.

Safeguarding is Manland’s main priority and Manland has safeguarding guidance in place for all school volunteers. The aim of this guidance is to keep children safe and to also keep our volunteers safe.

All volunteers at Manland are required to read and complete our Safeguarding Guidance for Volunteers document and provide a signed and completed copy to the school office before any volunteering work can take place.

These forms will be required as follows:

Volunteer Frequency
Parent/Carer swimming volunteer On an annual basis
Parent/Carer trip volunteer Each trip
Parent/Carer transporting a child to a school event in school hours  On an annual basis
HSA members who run events in school

For regular volunteers (those in school more than 3 times a month, once a week or overnight) – on an annual basis

For irregular volunteers – Annually

Hard copies of the Safeguarding Guidance for Volunteers are available from the Safeguarding Board outside the office hatch. Please see below for an electronic copy of the form: 

We are fortunate to have such a supportive and helpful volunteering community at Manland and we appreciate all of you who give up your time to support school events.

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