Return to Classes

Year 1

Mrs Kemp and Ms Shorthouse (Class Teachers)

Mrs Talley (Support staff)

Autumn 2023

It has been a wonderful start to the year for everyone in Year 1!  We have been so impressed by how well the children have come into school independently and settled into the routines of our classroom.

The children really have got into the swing of our daily phonics lessons and have been very speedy with their recall of sounds and tricky words. They are already becoming superstars at blending and segmenting!

In English, we first read a lovely story called, ‘Plenty of Love to Go Round’ and practised writing labels, lists and captions. Our second story is one of our favourites, ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt. The children have been joining in with the predictable phrases and describing settings and characters. We will now move onto writing our own versions of the story creating new characters and settings.

In Maths, the children started the year mastering their place value of numbers to 10. They have been sorting, counting, comparing and finding one more and one less than numbers and objects. They have loved using the maths equipment including counters, cubes, tens frames and connecting camels. Next, they will move onto adding and subtracting numbers within 10.

We have been naming and labelling body parts and learning about the five senses in our Science lessons. The children loved using their senses to find out what was in the mystery box and were delighted when it turned out to be ice cream!

Our first topic in R.E this year is all about ‘Creation’. The children all made a creation of their own and reflected on how it made them feel to create it. We then learnt about how Christians believe God made the world and the children enjoyed retelling the story using the wheels they made.

In PSHE, we have enjoyed welcoming and introducing ourselves to Jigsaw Jack. We have talked about how we can help make each other feel safe and feel that they belong to our class. We like it when we listen to each other and are kind. We are looking forward to learning about our rights and responsibilities and feeling proud about our achievements.

In Art, we are learning about work and techniques used by the artist Yayoi Kusama. We have explored her technique of using spots to recreate her work, ‘Pumpkin’ 1990. We have loved our Art lessons and have been inspired to create work at home.

In History, we have been learning about toys from the past. We have talked about our favourite toys and sorted objects into toys from the past, (that our parents and grandparents played with) and new toys. We learnt that in the 1960’s, children loved to play with Lego, Sindy Dolls, Meccano, Twister and The Game of Life. We are really looking forward to our ‘History off the Page’ visit this week.

After half term, we are looking forward to learning about ‘Our Town’ in Geography. We will use simple fieldwork and to study the geography of our school and its grounds.

Summer 2023

We were very happy to welcome back all the children in Year 1 after the Easter break. In english, the children have really enjoyed reading the story ‘Billy’s Bucket’. They have used the book as inspiration for their own writing; writing lists, letters and descriptions.  

In maths, children have started the new term counting in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s. They have been enjoying using the counters and other equipment to help them count and have even learnt to make an array. 

In art, the children have started their new topic about birds. In the first lesson, they created sketches of a variety of birds. The children loved making different marks and a variety of lines. 

In Geography, the children have been singing a song to help them remember the names of the 7 continents in the world.  

This week, in science, the children walked around the wildlife area and school grounds looking for signs of spring. They enjoyed spotting daffodils, blossom in the trees and lots of new buds and leaves growing. 


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