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Year 1

Mrs Kemp and Ms Shorthouse (Class Teachers)

Mrs Talley (Support staff)

Summer 2024

It has been an exciting start to the summer term in Year 1 and we are happy to see the sun finally shining.
In English, the children have been inspired by the book, ‘Billy’s Bucket’ and have been using their imaginations to describe what they would see in their own magical buckets. In our next topic on Traditional Tales, the children have  used adjectives to describe ‘Little Red Riding Hood’.
In Maths, we have been counting in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s and recognising equal groups. The children enjoyed using equipment to make doubles. In our next topic, we will be learning about fractions. 
In Art, the children have created wonderful observational studies based on ‘Birds’. The children used pencil and oil pastels to create their drawings. They have then developed their skills, by ripping, tearing and scrunching paper to create a 3D paper-mache bird.


In Science, we have begun the term observing the weather in Spring, using our weather station. We have now started our new topic on plants. Everyone has planted their own broad bean seed and we are very excited to see what happens and record our observations in our plant diaries.
Our History topic has taken us to the skies, where we have learnt about the first flight of an aeroplane by the Wright Brothers. In this local History topic, we are finding out about the De Haviland Aircraft Company and the famous planes they made. We are very much looking forward to visiting the De Haviland Aircraft Museum in Hatfield for our summer term trip.
In Music, we have been learning to play the notes G, C and E on the Glockenspiel. The class have been aspirational putting their singing and instrument playing together at the same time. 

Spring 2024

What a fantastic start to the spring term with the Year 1 class assembly. We are so proud of how well the children learned their lines and spoke so confidently. They were excited to share some of the things they have been learning and used the microphone for the first time too! Well done!

In English we began the term by reading the story, ‘Can’t you sleep Little Bear?’ and the children made predictions about what they thought would happen. They wrote some instructions to help Little Bear get to sleep and also wrote their own version of the ending. Now we are moving onto learning about information reports and the children will write their own information report about hedgehogs.

In Maths we have been learning the place value of numbers up to 20. The children have been counting, using equipment to represent the value of each number, using number lines and comparing and ordering numbers. Next the children will be adding and subtracting numbers within 20.

Science has taken us outside the classroom where the children have been observing the changes from autumn to winter by looking closely at our special year 1 tree and using the weather station to measure the temperature, rainfall and wind direction. The children are very excited about our next topic on animals where they will learn all about the five animal groups; birds, reptiles, amphibians, mammals and fish.

In R.E. this term we are learning about the religion of Judaism and what God means to Jewish people. After half term, the children will continue their learning of Christianity, looking at Easter and why Jesus was important to the people around him on Palm Sunday.  We are looking forward to going to the church for a class visit in April.

In Computing, the children have been learning to use the iPads to create digital artwork inspired by artists, including Rothko, Kandinksy, Picasso and Mondrian. They have learnt how to choose a brush, change the colour, undo actions and use layering. The artwork they have created has been fantastic!

We have been busy in Art exploring printing. We have made repeating, random and overlapping patterns using our fingerprints. We have explored the different textures by taking rubbings of objects, materials and surfaces both in and out of the classroom. We were inspired by this and really excited to create our original designs on a foam board and print them.

Autumn 2023

It has been a wonderful start to the year for everyone in Year 1!  We have been so impressed by how well the children have come into school independently and settled into the routines of our classroom.

The children really have got into the swing of our daily phonics lessons and have been very speedy with their recall of sounds and tricky words. They are already becoming superstars at blending and segmenting!

In English, we first read a lovely story called, ‘Plenty of Love to Go Round’ and practised writing labels, lists and captions. Our second story is one of our favourites, ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt. The children have been joining in with the predictable phrases and describing settings and characters. We will now move onto writing our own versions of the story creating new characters and settings.

In Maths, the children started the year mastering their place value of numbers to 10. They have been sorting, counting, comparing and finding one more and one less than numbers and objects. They have loved using the maths equipment including counters, cubes, tens frames and connecting camels. Next, they will move onto adding and subtracting numbers within 10.

We have been naming and labelling body parts and learning about the five senses in our Science lessons. The children loved using their senses to find out what was in the mystery box and were delighted when it turned out to be ice cream!

Our first topic in R.E this year is all about ‘Creation’. The children all made a creation of their own and reflected on how it made them feel to create it. We then learnt about how Christians believe God made the world and the children enjoyed retelling the story using the wheels they made.

In PSHE, we have enjoyed welcoming and introducing ourselves to Jigsaw Jack. We have talked about how we can help make each other feel safe and feel that they belong to our class. We like it when we listen to each other and are kind. We are looking forward to learning about our rights and responsibilities and feeling proud about our achievements.

In Art, we are learning about work and techniques used by the artist Yayoi Kusama. We have explored her technique of using spots to recreate her work, ‘Pumpkin’ 1990. We have loved our Art lessons and have been inspired to create work at home.

In History, we have been learning about toys from the past. We have talked about our favourite toys and sorted objects into toys from the past, (that our parents and grandparents played with) and new toys. We learnt that in the 1960’s, children loved to play with Lego, Sindy Dolls, Meccano, Twister and The Game of Life. We are really looking forward to our ‘History off the Page’ visit this week.

After half term, we are looking forward to learning about ‘Our Town’ in Geography. We will use simple fieldwork and to study the geography of our school and its grounds.


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