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Year 1

Mrs Paganuzzi and Ms Shorthouse (Class Teachers)

Miss Harvey (Support staff)

Autumn 2022

Year 1 have a great start to their new school year and have settled well into their new classroom. We have been really impressed with how sensibly they have walked down the corridor, put their things on their pegs and sat at their tables.

The children have worked so hard in their phonics lessons every day and are super speedy at recalling the phase 3 sounds and tricky words. They have been doing lots of segmenting and blending and have loved reading the new reading books!

In English, they started by learning all about labels and captions and have now moved onto the popular storybook, ” We are going on a Bear Hunt”. They have used the text as a basis for sentence writing and descriptive work. The children are looking forward to acting out the story.

In Maths, the children began the term describing the position of objects and turns. They are now learning all about place value and how to represent numbers with objects. They are learning that groups of numbers can be arranged in different ways. The children are enjoying using lots of maths equipment including counters, mini figures and dominoes.

In History, the children are finding out about how toys have changed through history. They are discovering that old toys are made of different materials and are powered in different ways. They really enjoyed playing with the old-fashioned wind-up toys we have in school.

Year 1 are really enthusiastic about their new topic in PE. They are enjoying learning to control a ball and are mastering basic invasion techniques.

In Science the children have been naming their body parts and identifying which parts are linked to each sense. They have enjoyed playing ‘Simon Says’ and singing songs. In the next lesson, they will be using their senses to guess a mystery object. I wonder if they will guess it correctly?

Summer 2022

Year One have had an amazing start back after Easter. The first English topic has been based upon fairy stories. Children have read and acted out ‘Little Red Riding Hood’. Children have thought of their own ways to end the story after reading different versions of this popular tale. Our next topic is based on the book ‘Billy’s Bucket’. Children will be doing a range of different activities based on the book and its themes. Lastly, children will be working on non-fiction writing skills.

In Maths, children have been learning how to share amounts into equal groups. They have discovered that even numbers can be shared into two groups, with no remainders. Children will be then working on multiplication, beginning the topic with repeated addition.

In History, children are learning about Grace Darling and her act of bravery. Children are learning what it would have been like to live two hundred years ago, in a lighthouse without electricity. All the children thought it must have been a hard life.

In Art, children are looking at primary colours and mixing them to create new colours. Children will learn how to make lighter and darker shades of their colours. Children studied the work of Piet Mondrian, famous for his use of primary colours.

Children have enjoyed the cricket sessions provided by Chance to Shine. They have been practising their throwing and catching skills and are working on fielding techniques.

In Science, children have completed their topic on animal classification. The trip to Paradise Wildlife Park was a fantastic ending to their leaning. Children enjoyed a talk on different animals and loved exploring the park. The highlights were seeing the tigers up close and watching them be fed. Children were amazed that the big cats were so well trained! Children also loved the lions and the tarantulas, amongst many of the animals at the park. It was a fabulous day out for Year One.

Spring 2022

Children in Year 1 have had a great term. They have worked really hard and learnt many new skills. 
In English, children have read a selection of traditional tales, such as Jack and the Beanstalk. They acted out the story and read parts of the story out loud. They then developed their own ideas and created their own stories.
After this topic, children moved onto writing instructions. This was linked to their D and T topic on sandwich making. Children made their own sandwiches in class and children described them as
“delicious” and “10 out of 10”.
In Maths the children have been learning all about the money we use in the UK and can recognise and compare coins and notes. They have also been busy counting in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s. To finish off the term they have been measuring. They loved using different equipment like counters, paperclips and cubes to measure lengths. They also learnt how to use rulers! They enjoyed finding the mass of various objects around the classroom using balance scales and cubes.
This terms Science has been all about Animals. The children have explored the 5 vertebrate animal groups – mammals, birds, amphibians, reptiles and fish. They absolutely loved finding out more about different types of birds and using the bird watch station to spot the birds on our field and around our school grounds.  The children have also been in the wildlife area, quad and school field looking for signs of spring. They spotted many signs including daffodils, bluebells, birds, new leaves, bees and even some frogspawn.
In D and T, children worked on a fantastic project, where they constructed their own houses. Children learnt how to join materials in different ways, such as with glue or tape. They planned their own houses, then constructed them using a variety of materials. Some children even created furniture for inside their houses.
In Geography, children have learnt all about the different weather we experience in the UK. Children were able to learn how we can keep safe when the weather is too hot.
The children have been excitedly developing their videoing skills in their computing lessons. They have filmed each other telling us all about themselves, counting in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s and also making their sandwiches! Well done!
Everyone is very excited about our trip to Paradise Wildlife Park next term! 

Year One have had a great start back after Christmas. The first English topic was report writing, based on woodland animals. They have loved learning all about the habits of different animals, especially hedgehogs. The children also enjoyed reading the book “Can’t you sleep little bear?”. They completed a range of different activities based on the book and its themes.

In Maths the children began the term comparing measures. They enjoyed using the balance scales to compare objects from Ms Shorthouse’s kitchen cupboards. They have been singing songs to practise the days of the week and the months of the year. After that the children moved on to using different methods and equipment, including tens frames, counters and number lines, to add and subtract within twenty.

In history, children have been learning about a range of significant explorers and their achievements. Children have studied some lesser known explorers, such as Matthew Henson, who travelled to the North Pole and Ibn Battuta, a Moroccan explorer.

In art, children are looking at the work of Henri Rousseau. They have been exploring the skills and techniques he used in his artwork.

Children have enjoyed the rainforest dance we have worked on in PE, which is linked to our art topic. We have also included a session on Yoga, which the children found very relaxing.

In our RE topic, ‘New Beginnings’ the children began identifying the groups that they belong to. They also learnt about how Christians show they belong to Christianity and how baptism welcomes Christians into the Christian faith. The children also had a virtual tour around All Saints Church with Reverend James Brown, who baptised a donkey on his video call.

In Science the children finished off their learning about materials from our previous topic by investigating whether certain objects float or sink. They made predictions and worked in groups to test each material. The children also continued their learning on seasonal changes, focusing on the changes from Autumn to Winter. Our next topic is all about the classification of animals.


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