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At Manland, pupils are encouraged to continue their learning at home.  They do this in a wide variety of ways.  We love seeing the time, care and dedication that our pupils put into their homework and are grateful to the parents and carers who spend time supporting and developing their children’s learning further. 

Early Phonics and Reading 

Every day, pupils in Reception and Year 1 take home a phonics book from our Little Wandle Scheme.  They are also encouraged to read a sharing book and a library book with their adults at home.  

What homework do pupils have at Manland? 

Homework is set weekly and consists of… 

  • Daily Reading 
  • Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling Core Skills Workbook 
  • Weekly Spelling patterns with wordlists 
  • Maths Core Skills Workbook 
  • Topic grid with suggested activities for each area of the curriculum 

Our pupils are encouraged to choose a topic homework task and present this in a way which is personal to them.  We are often blown away with the children’s creativity and inspirational approach to this.  For example, when studying the parts of an eye in Science lessons, some of our Year 6 pupils decided to make their own eyeballs using ping pong balls, and one pupil even decided to bake a cake to show all of the key sections!   

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