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Mr Spendlove (Class Teacher)

Ms Brougham,  Mrs Hose, Miss Jackson and Mrs Sweeney (Support Staff)

Spring 2024

What a brilliant start to the year! The children settled in brilliantly over the Autumn Term and we are all looking forward to an exciting term ahead.  

In the Spring term, children in Reception will embark on a rich and engaging learning journey centred around two overarching themes: ‘Traditional Tales’ and ‘Things That Grow’. These themes will be woven into various activities and experiences across the seven areas of learning as defined by the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). This term will also include our class assembly and a local visit to the library. 

Personal, Social and Emotional Development: 

Through Traditional Tales, children will explore emotions, relationships, and empathy by connecting with characters and their experiences. 

In Things That Grow, students will develop a sense of responsibility by caring for plants, understanding the growth process, and collaborating in activities like gardening. 

Communication and Language: 

Traditional Tales will provide opportunities for children to enhance their vocabulary, communication skills, and understanding of narrative structures through storytelling and role-playing. 

Things That Grow will involve discussions about the life cycle of plants, using descriptive and scientific language to articulate observations, and engaging in group conversations during collaborative activities. 

Physical Development: 

Traditional Tales will involve physical activities such as re-enacting stories and developing fine motor skills through related craft activities. We will also be learning to play ball games. 

Things That Grow will incorporate hands-on experiences like planting seeds, caring for plants, and engaging in outdoor activities to promote gross and fine motor skills development. We will also be learning a gymnastic routine. 


Traditional Tales will foster a love for reading, with children exploring a variety of classic stories, recognizing familiar words, and perhaps even beginning to create their own simple narratives. 

Things That Grow will provide opportunities for literacy development through labelling plants and reading informational texts about growth and nature. 


During the Spring term, Reception students will follow the White Rose curriculum in Mathematics, focusing on key topics such as numbers up to 10, mass, capacity, length, height, time, and 3D shapes.

The curriculum emphasizes a mastery approach, guiding children through interactive and hands-on activities to develop a solid understanding of mathematical concepts. Through games, practical explorations, and age-appropriate tasks, children will engage with numbers, measurements, and shapes, fostering a strong foundation in mathematical skills. 

Understanding the World: 

Traditional Tales will introduce children to different cultures and historical aspects embedded in classic stories, fostering an appreciation for diversity and history. 

Things That Grow will encourage exploration of the natural world, understanding the life cycle of plants, and recognizing the impact of seasons on growth. 

Expressive Arts and Design: 

Traditional Tales will inspire creativity through activities such as creating illustrations, learning traditional rhymes, and engaging in imaginative play. 

Things That Grow will involve artistic expression, with children creating nature-inspired art, exploring different textures, and learning about how to reuse materials to create art. 

Autumn 2023

Welcome to the Autumn Term at Manland Primary School! We are excited to embark on a learning journey together in our Reception class.  

Our first topics are ‘All About Me’ and ‘Pets’. Our learning environment will be set up to facilitate lots of learning in these areas through a range of approaches. We will spend some time learning all about the classroom and establishing routines that will be used all the way through our time at Manland Primary School.  Below are some of the things we will be learning across our curriculum.


We will immerse your child in the enchanting world of storytelling. We will read and discuss well-loved tales such as Mog, The Gruffalo, and Elmer to: 

  • Develop their vocabulary and comprehension skills. 
  • Encourage a love for reading and storytelling. 
  • Foster creativity through art and activities related to these stories. 


Phonics (Phase 2):

Phonics is a vital part of your child’s reading and writing journey. During Phase 2, we will: 

  • Introduce letter sounds (phonemes) and their corresponding letter shapes (graphemes). 
  • Practice blending sounds to read simple words. 
  • Learn to segment words into sounds for writing. 
  • Build a foundation for early reading and writing skills. 


Mathematics (White Rose Maths Curriculum):

Our young mathematicians will explore numbers and shapes through engaging activities and games inspired by the White Rose Maths Curriculum. They will: 

  • Count objects, and begin to recognize numbers within 5. 
  • Explore patterns and shapes through creative play and hands-on experiences. 
  • Begin to understand numbers up to 5 in more depth, including how they are made and using subitising to recognise them instantly. 

Understanding the World:

We will investigate the world around them. They will: 

  • Explore the changing seasons and the wonders of autumn. 
  • Investigate living things, their habitats, and growth. 
  • Engage in sensory and hands-on activities to develop curiosity and observation skills. 


Expressive Arts and Design:

We encourage creativity and self-expression through art, music, and role-play: 

  • Children will create their own artwork inspired by stories and nature. 
  • They will explore music and movement, expressing themselves through rhythm and dance. 
  • Imaginative play will help them develop communication and social skills. 


Physical Development:

Physical activity is essential for growth and well-being: 

  • Children will engage in daily physical play to develop their motor skills. 
  • They will practice coordination, balance, and agility through fun games and exercises. 
  • Develop fine motors skills, practising holding utensils correctly and strengthening our hands. 


Communication and Language:

Effective communication is key to your child’s development: 

  • We will encourage your child to express themselves through language, both verbally and non-verbally. 
  • Storytelling and discussions will enhance their vocabulary and listening skills. 
  • We will provide opportunities for your child to engage in conversations, ask questions, and share their thoughts. 


Personal, Social, and Emotional Development:

We prioritize the well-being and social growth of your child: 

  • Your child will develop self-confidence and independence through various activities. 
  • We will promote positive relationships and encourage sharing, cooperation, and empathy. 
  • Your child will learn to manage their feelings and express themselves appropriately. 


Our goal is to provide a nurturing and stimulating environment where your child can grow, learn, and thrive. We believe that learning should be an exciting adventure, and we look forward to sharing it with your child throughout the Autumn Term. 

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or concerns. Together, we will make this a fantastic and rewarding term for your child. 


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