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Miss Parker (Class Teacher)

Ms Brougham (Support Staff)

Summer 2022

I cannot believe we are in the final term of Reception, where has the time gone?! It has been such a pleasure to watch the children grow and develop this year building relationships, understanding their emotions, and learning across the curriculum. They have all become such kind, caring, passionate young children. 

This term we will be exploring multiple aspects of the natural world. Particularly exploring the concept of growing and change, We were privileged to have some lovely visitors in the form of baby ducklings that we have hatched from the egg in the incubator. Reception have already had the opportunity to learn the ducklings life cycle looking at the varying steps before we have cute fluffy ducks. We have also been exploring how different plants grow, learning about the different parts of a plant and their purposes. We will be looking at our environment around us and observing it, drawing the animals and plants that we see in detail.  

Maths this term will be very number based, learning our number bonds to 5 and some to 10, exploring and representing patterns within numbers up to 10, including evens and odds, double facts and how quantities can be distributed equally. Maths will be very hands on this term exploring different ways for the children to remember their number facts.  

Distributing equally in maths will link into our Personal, Social and Emotional Development where we will be focusing on sharing and how to be a good friend, the different types of support we can give to ourselves and each other. We will be exploring healthy eating and making healthy food choices this term using those choosing skills within cookery and food preparation. 

We will continue to be writing this term, Reception are at the stage now where we are writing in full sentences with capital letter, finger spaces and full stop expectations. The children are now forming letters correctly using a tripod grip so this is something we will continue to ensure is shown and practise through their writing within the topic and literacy sessions. Reading will still be practised as well through the term, with independent reading happening weekly, group reading sessions and phonics being taught. We are on to phase 4 in phonics now exploring the conjunction of two consonants within words.   

Autumn 2021

We have welcomed the children to school for their first time and I am so impressed and proud of how quickly they have settled and are starting to thrive. Not only are they achieving academically, they are also showing how kind, helpful and caring they all are as friends,

Reception have begun their journey through education and are getting the hand of school routines with a breeze! We have had a lot of focus on wellbeing so far, making sure the children are not worried and what to do if they do feel worried for any reason. We have begun to discuss our emotions and what to do in order to manage them effectively.

In English we have been looking at our names, seeing if we can recognise them and practicing some letters we might find tricky. We have also been looking at pencil grip, making sure we are holding it with 2 fingers and our thumb. In Maths we have been looking at numbers 1-10 and are beginning to explore patterns, both spotting them and making them.

The children have had the opportunity now to fully explore their surroundings and the areas they are learning in. Their areas of learning are constantly changing to fit themes of book topics and the children’s interest to ensure they are all engaged and motivation in their child initiated learning. They have been able to visit different areas of the school already to become familiar with their setting which, in turn, has enabled them to settle very quickly.

This term we will be exploring physical development starting our PE lessons to allow children to develop a multitude of ways to move and express themselves. We will be finding alternative ways to move around and building their confidence with moving freely. We will be linking this to the development of their communication and language, getting them to follow simple instructions and listening in small groups.

As always, there is lots you can do to support at home. See below are some general ideas…

· Play phonics games,

· Write their name,

· Write with pens, paint, sticks in mud\glitter\sand.

· Name numerals 1-10, and place in order.

· Develop independence getting dressed.

· Explore and make patterns









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