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Miss Parker (Class Teacher)

Ms Brougham and Mrs Patel (Support Staff)

Autumn 2021

We have welcomed the children to school for their first time and I am so impressed and proud of how quickly they have settled and are starting to thrive. Not only are they achieving academically, they are also showing how kind, helpful and caring they all are as friends,

Reception have begun their journey through education and are getting the hand of school routines with a breeze! We have had a lot of focus on wellbeing so far, making sure the children are not worried and what to do if they do feel worried for any reason. We have begun to discuss our emotions and what to do in order to manage them effectively.

In English we have been looking at our names, seeing if we can recognise them and practicing some letters we might find tricky. We have also been looking at pencil grip, making sure we are holding it with 2 fingers and our thumb. In Maths we have been looking at numbers 1-10 and are beginning to explore patterns, both spotting them and making them.

The children have had the opportunity now to fully explore their surroundings and the areas they are learning in. Their areas of learning are constantly changing to fit themes of book topics and the children’s interest to ensure they are all engaged and motivation in their child initiated learning. They have been able to visit different areas of the school already to become familiar with their setting which, in turn, has enabled them to settle very quickly.

This term we will be exploring physical development starting our PE lessons to allow children to develop a multitude of ways to move and express themselves. We will be finding alternative ways to move around and building their confidence with moving freely. We will be linking this to the development of their communication and language, getting them to follow simple instructions and listening in small groups.

As always, there is lots you can do to support at home. See below are some general ideas…

· Play phonics games,

· Write their name,

· Write with pens, paint, sticks in mud\glitter\sand.

· Name numerals 1-10, and place in order.

· Develop independence getting dressed.

· Explore and make patterns

· Use music to express emotions

Summer 2021

Can you believe we’re two terms down? When I think back to September and those first few weeks, I beam with pride thinking about the progress the children have made. Not just the academic side, but the kind, helpful, and excited learners, who eagerly rush to the door in the morning. It makes my heart sing!
We welcomed the children back for the last three weeks of the Spring term, and as usual Stars class settled back into our daily routines like they had never been away. We focussed a lot of our time on well-being and recapped who to speak to at home and at school if we were worried, how to regulate our emotions and things we can do if we are feeling tired. We learnt about Spring, going on a Spring walk around our school and using the Ipads to take photographs. We looked at British spring flowers and created observational paintings. In Maths we recapped numbers 1-20, and practised ordering them and solving number problems. We explored 3d shapes, and used words like ‘curved’ and ‘flat’ to describe them.


Following the children’s interests, we will be starting with a ‘Growing’ topic.  Some baby caterpillars have come to stay, and we will be watching carefully to see what happens over the next few weeks. We will be planting, identifying parts of the plant, and finding out about what plants need to live. We have begun to enjoy chapter books in class, particularly stories by Roald Dahl. The children have we learn about Roald Dahl next…I can’t wait!
This term we will be focussing on writing and encouraging the children to write sentences independently. We know the children are brilliant at their phonics, know the letters and can sound out words. Now they need to have a go at doing this themselves. We had a discussion in class and decided it was sometimes a bit tricky BUT we can do hard things! (I think this might be our new motto).


As always, there is lots you can do to support at home. I will continue our weekly blog this week and suggest ideas of things you can do to consolidate your child’s learning. See below are some general ideas…
  • Write a card to a loved one,
  • Write a shopping list,
  • Write clues to find some treasure
  • Write with pens, paint, sticks in mud\glitter\sand\custard.
  • Name numerals 1-20, and place in order.
  • Add two groups together by counting on from a number.
  • Count in twos to 20.
  • Develop upper body strength by hanging from the monkey bars for as long as possible.
  • Throw and catch a ball.
  • Develop independence getting dressed.






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