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Values & Ethos

Manland Primary School is a supportive, caring community in which we encourage each other to achieve our potential in everything that we do. We have our own school values which we encourage the whole school community to demonstrate.  These values help us to become considerate of others in our school, as well as, helping us to become thoughtful citizens in the wider world.  Our whole school values run alongside our work on British Values. We have a Manland Values cup which is awarded each week to a pupil who has demonstrated one, or more, of our values.

Manland Values Trophy Winners

Avery from Year 5 was an inspiration to other children during lunchtime when she saw the school piano and asked if she was allowed to play a song for everyone. 

Her piano playing talents were absolutely incredible and children loved gathering to hear her play, clapping her with pure joy at listening to her music.  Well done Avery!

A huge well done to this week’s winner of the 19th November Manland Values Award: Well done to Ori in Year 1! 

Ori demonstrates all of the school values. Her behaviour in the classroom and around school is excellent and she is such a good role model to others. She always holds the door in the corridor without being asked and is so polite and kind to adults and her peers. She also tries her very best to complete the work set. 

Well done Ori!


Suri is this week’s recipient of the 4th November Manland Values Cup! 

Suri has a positive energy that she passes round to whoever she works with. She always works hard, has brilliant ideas, is funny and always looks to include others.    

In a recent lesson, Suri gave a presentation to her class about William the Conqueror.  She spoke loudly, clearly and confidently.   Suri has been inspirational by overcoming things she finds difficult, aspirational for pushing herself  and wanting to achieve her goals and responsible for doing it sensibly and maturely.  Well done Suri!

Time Out would like to nominate Thomas B for the 14th October award. In Time Out, his behaviour is always positive, he always shows good behaviour and is a great role model to the younger children. ​

Recently he has taken time to play with and help other children in the Reception class and his kindness and good manners is always recognised. ​

Well done Thomas!

Congratulations to Edward in Year 6 for winning the 7th October Manland Values Award.

Across all subjects, Edward shows he has high aspirations for his learning.  He asks great questions that show he is thinking deeply and reflectively about the topic.  These rich discussions help to push his thinking further. 

Edward is always willing to take on board feedback and relishes a challenge.  His fantastic start in Year 6 has continued well into the term.   Well done Edward!


Congratulations this week to Sophie Thomson from Year 4 who received the 30th September Manland Value Award for being a responsible gardener, working really hard to grown a fantastic sunflower. 

Sophie put in lots of time and effort nurturing the flower, so much so that she was awarded the prizes for tallest and most heads on a sunflower by her Brownie pack.

The 23rd September award goes to Caitlin in Year 4. Caitlin has been inspirational and respectful to all members of the class. 

Caitlin always ensures that her classmates feel welcome and has encouraged those who may be unsure to participate in her activities and games.  This has been particularly noticeable in PE, where Caitlin took the time to carefully and enthusiastically explain and demonstrate how to complete the football activity, when her classmate was unsure of the rules.

Georgia has made a fabulous first impression in Year 6!  The very first piece of writing that Georgia produced was inspirational and I’m so pleased that she applied 100% effort, the first time around. 

Alongside this, Georgia has been a great role model to others in our class and throughout the week, exemplifying Manland’s values.  I’m excited to see what the year holds for Georgia!


The 24th June Manland Award goes to Lu who has been an absolute star during the rehearsal stage of our show. 

Lu has exemplified each and every one of our Manland values!  They have shown responsibility by learning lines and really thinking how to bring their lines ‘alive’ during a performance which has been inspirational

Lu has been hugely aspirational for themselves and fearlessly performs their solo each and every time.  Aside from all this, Lu’s Year 6 journey has been one of hard work, perseverance and success.  Lu’s performance in our show will be the ‘cherry on the cake’!

Our Manland Award for 10th June 2022 goes to James in Year 1! James has been practising his maths at home and we were amazed to hear about his attitude towards learning and the maths that he knows!

James has been playing a game at home where he is given an age and he tells his family the year the person would have been born (his idea!).

He has been doing bigger and bigger numbers, and he can now calculate taking away any number from 2022 in his head, for example 2022 – 1689! What an inspiration!

The 27th May 2022 Manland Award goes to Chloe in Reception!

Chloe always takes responsibility for her things and her classroom; she always treats resources with respect and tidies up after playing.

Chloe is also inspirational in her learning. This week she spent her choosing time writing lots of different phrases and sentences. Chloe’s hard work is inspirational, well done Chloe!

Year 6 were awarded the Manland Award on 13th May 2022 as they have been hugely aspirational for themselves – from extra practise at home to squeezing in lunchtime sessions, Year 6 have given 100%!

By facing challenges with a smile, persevering and ‘digging deep’, they have inspired us all.  We’d like to extend our thanks to their families too, for all their help and guidance.  We know there would have been many supportive conversations and hugs behind the smiles we have seen this week.  So Year 6, a huge well done – you smashed it! 

This week William in Year 2 has been nominated for the Manland Value Award on 6th May 2022.

William actively participates in our science lessons regularly sharing his thoughts and ideas. Over the past few weeks he has wowed us with his inspirational knowledge of the natural world and the animal kingdom. William shares his knowledge with his friends and helps them with their learning.

Well done William – what an inspiration!

Well done to Charlie in Year 3 who is the 22nd April 2022 recipient of the Manland Value Award. 

Charlie has worked so hard all year.  He is enthusiastic about his learning, has great ideas which he shares with his peers and is an inspirational mathematician! 

Well done Charlie! 

The Manland Award for 1st April 2022 goes to James H in Year 5.

James represented Hertfordshire in the National Schools Cross Country Championships last Saturday which was held in Market Harborough.  He was part of the Year 5 Hertfordshire Team which secured second place in the teams event!

What a great achievement! You have inspired us all!

Congratulations to Emelia in Year 6, the recipient of the 25th March 2022 Manland Award!

Since starting in Year 6, Emelia has applied herself to every subject. She works hard all of the time and perseveres when things are challenging.

Emelia has high aspirations for herself. Well done!

Jack B from Reception was nominated for the 18th March 2022 award.

At lunchtime, 3 of Jack’s peers bumped heads with each other.  Jack saw that his friends were upset and walked with them over to the first aid point.  After a while, Jack returned to the first aid point to check on his friends and asked them all if they were ok.   

Jack’s kindness to his peers is truly inspirational.  Thank you, Jack, for being such a good

Mary has shown high aspirations in all her maths work this term, particularly learning her times tables.

Mary takes full responsibility for her learning, always listening carefully in class, even when it’s tricky. She has even put in extra effort to practise at home and has told us about the charts she has that help her too.

Mary’s maths learning is coming along incredibly well and it’s all because of her fantastic positive attitude and the way that she strives to achieve her high aspirations. Well done for receiving the 11th March 2022 Manland Award Mary!

The 4th March 2022 award goes to Orla in Year 1.

Orla is always an excellent role model to her peers. She has a positive attitude to all areas of the curriculum and her positivity is an inspiration to us all!

Orla shows perseverance with all tasks, and is always on hand to help her peers. Thank you Orla for being a true inspiration to us all!

Aaliyah in Year 4 has been presented with the 25th February 2022 Manland Award for showing great determination and resilience in swimming!  

Aaliyah has put in so much effort in the last couple of weeks and it is clear that her confidence and aspirations are growing.  She is an inspiration to all those in her group! Well done Aaliyah.

The 11th February 2022 award goes to Joseph in Year 6!

At a recent match, one of the referees came to tell Mrs Bethell how impressed she was with Joseph’s sportsmanship during one of the games. He made her aware of a decision she’d made that should have gone in the other teams favour.

Well done Joseph. How inspirational!

Atticus in Year 3 has been awarded the 4th February 2022 Manland Award!

We have been really impressed by the effort and improvement that Atticus has put into his handwriting and presentation this half term.  He has been an inspiration to others by showing he is resilient when faced with a challenge.

Atticus has also shown his high aspirations by always wanting to improve his work and complete it to a high standard. Well done!

Virginia always strives to achieve her best in her learning and has high aspirations for what she can achieve. This has been exemplified through her enthusiasm for our monthly TTRockstars battle, where she has not only placed first in her house but in the whole school!

She takes great pride in her achievement but is not boastful; she encourages and inspires her peers to join in and compete with her too. Well done to Virginia for receiving the award on 28th January 2022.

Matthew in Year 2 has been an inspiration to his peers over the last term and has been presented with the 16th January 2022 Manland Award.

He always pushes himself to achieve in class and went ‘above and beyond’ leading up to Christmas, where he offered to teach us to write Chinese characters and even brought in resources to help us learn!

He takes pride in his heritage and it is inspiring to see his enthusiasm and drive to achieve.  

Huge congratulations to Sonny in Year 5!

Sonny has been nominated for the Values Award on 10th December 2021 for making such fantastic progress in his writing.

He is truly an inspiration to everyone in the school, demonstrating what can be achieved with hard work and determination. Well done Sonny!

Bethany has continuously shown great responsibility in Reception both for her belongings and her classroom.

She is always quick and helpful to tidy up and shares and plays well with all children in the class.

She inspires us with her energetic approach to learning and her immaculate manners. Well done Bethany for receiving the 4th December 2021 Manland Award!    

The 26th November 2021 our Manland Value Award has been presented to Bailey in Year 5!

Bailey, you consistently set a good example to your peers and younger children. In your work you show that you have high aspirations of yourself and you always challenge yourself to reach your potential.

You are thoughtful, considerate and caring and strive to always be a good friend. Bailey, you are an absolute asset to your class. Well done!

In the past few (very busy) weeks Seb B-S, in Year 6, has embodied each of our Manland values.

Seb is not only aspirational for himself, but for those around him. Seb strives to achieve his absolute best; he encourages any scholar he is working with to do the same. During our recent House Captain campaign, Seb showed great inspiration by being the first to congratulate the successful candidates and offer support to his friends. 

Seb’s mature, responsible approach means he tackles all tasks to the best of his ability and is always motivated to be the best version of himself. Well done Seb for being awarded the Manland Values Award on 19th November 2021!  

The 5th November ‘Manland Values Award’ goes to Rae in Year 3. Rae has been inspirational, always setting an example to the rest of the class. She is enthusiastic in her learning, listens carefully and works well with her learning partner. Rae should be proud of her achievements.

In her Maths lessons, Rae has been working completely independently and has high aspirations for herself. When things got tough, she didn’t give up. Instead she showed excellent resilience to find the right answer.  During Year 3’s assembly practice, she has shown great responsibility, learning her lines and supporting her friends with their performance. Keep up the hard work Rae!  

The 22nd October ‘Manland Values’ trophy goes to Charlie in Year 2!

The way Charlie has worked with learning partners this half term is inspirational! He listens carefully to instructions and enthusiastically discusses his work with his peers. He shares his ideas and supports his friends, helping them to get the best out of their work.

Charlie collaborates well with others, listening attentively and building on ideas together with his friends. He has really pushed himself this half term and takes responsibility for trying his hardest at every task given to him. He has made a fantastic start to Year 2 – Keep up the good work Charlie!  

The 15th October ‘Manland Values’ trophy goes to Eric B in Year 1.

Eric is a fantastic role model to his peers. He has high aspirations of himself and always tries his best in every lesson. He is a caring and sensible learning partner and helps other children in his class.

His manners are exceptional and he shows his teachers that he is always ready to learn. Well done Eric!    

The 8th October ‘Manland Values’ Award goes to Sophia in Reception class!

Sophia’s behaviour in class is inspirational to her peers. She listens to the teacher all of the time and has quickly learnt all of the Reception class routines. She has excellent behaviour for learning and participates in lessons, plays with her friends in a kind way and always remembers her manners.

She is very independent and takes responsibility for her belongings. She’s a joy to have in Reception and really is an inspiration to other pupils.  

The 1st October ‘Manland Values’ Award goes to a very deserving Daniel in Year 4! Daniel has (and has always has had) a fantastic attitude to learning.

Daniel is an inspiration to his peers and an excellent role model.

He always participates in class discussions and even helps others if they are stuck. Beyond this, Daniel is polite and well mannered to everyone, and a joy to have in the classroom.

Our very proud recipient of the 24th September ‘Manland Values Award’ goes to Sophia in Year 6. Sophia demonstrates our values every day!

She is always so positive about her learning; she aspires to do her best in all that she does and always pushes herself to reach the challenge in any task.

Sophia cares deeply about her friends and is an inspiration to all around her.  

We are delighted to announce that the first child to receive our Manland Values Trophy on 17th September 2021 is Aimee!

Aimee, has made such a fantastic start to Year 4. She has been coming into school everyday with a smile on her face ready to start the day!

Aimee’s teacher’s have said “It is inspiring to see a young person grow in confidence”. Well done Aimee!  


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