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Values & Ethos

Manland Primary School is a supportive, caring community in which we encourage each other to achieve our potential in everything that we do.

We have our own school values which we encourage the whole school community to demonstrate.  These values help us to become considerate of others in our school, as well as, helping us to become thoughtful citizens in the wider world.  Our whole school values run alongside our work on British Values.

We have a Manland Values cup which is awarded each week to a pupil who has demonstrated one, or more, of our values.

Manland Values Trophy Winners

We are delighted to announce that the first child to receive our Manland Values Trophy is Aimee! Aimee, has made such a fantastic start to Year 4.

She has been coming into school everyday with a smile on her face ready to start the day! Aimee’s teacher’s have said “It is inspiring to see a young person grow in confidence”.

Well done Aimee!


Our very proud recipient of the 24th September ‘Manland Values Award’ goes to Sophia in Year 6.

Sophia demonstrates our values every day! She is always so positive about her learning; she aspires to do her best in all that she does and always pushes herself to reach the challenge in any task.

Sophia cares deeply about her friends and is an inspiration to all around her.


The 1st October ‘Manland Values’ Award goes to a very deserving Daniel in Year 4!

Daniel has (and has always has had) a fantastic attitude to learning. Daniel is an inspiration to his peers and an excellent role model. He always participates in class discussions and even helps others if they are stuck.

Beyond this, Daniel is polite and well mannered to everyone, and a joy to have in the classroom.


The 8th October ‘Manland Values’ Award goes to Sophia in Reception class!

Sophia’s behaviour in class is inspirational to her peers. She listens to the teacher all of the time and has quickly learnt all of the Reception class routines.

She has excellent behaviour for learning and participates in lessons, plays with her friends in a kind way and always remembers her manners.

She is very independent and takes responsibility for her belongings. She’s a joy to have in Reception and really is an inspiration to other pupils.

The 15th October ‘Manland Values’ trophy goes to Eric B in Year 1.

Eric is a fantastic role model to his peers. He has high aspirations of himself and always tries his best in every lesson. He is a caring and sensible learning partner and helps other children in his class.

His manners are exceptional and he shows his teachers that he is always ready to learn. Well done Eric!