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Year 6

Miss Noonan (Class Teacher)

Mrs Upton (Support Staff)

Summer 2022

Year 6 will be using their persuasive talents in English to write to our local MP to implore them to act swiftly on the subject of climate change.  Writers will be thinking about forming a powerful argument, backed up by evidence.  We will also be engaging in healthy debates – writing and performing speeches – to persuade adults to act and save our planet.  Our Geography topic ‘Climate Change’ will give children ample information to use in their writing and speeches.  They will also be exploring ‘green’ careers that are related to climate change.  Our new reading text ‘The Quiet at the End of the World’ is written from the point of view of two children who are the last two children on Earth!  The story is set hundreds of years in the future, with planet Earth and the human population has been almost wiped out due to the effects of pollution on the planet.

In Science, children will be finding out what keeps our bodies healthy.  We will look at the importance of a balanced diet and study the nutritional value of a range of foods so that children can make healthier choices.  As we find out more about the human circulatory system, children will discover the effects of exercise on our bodies and how water and nutrients are transported.   We will examine the human body’s muscular system; how different muscles function to different jobs within our body.  Finally, we will be evaluating choices we can make to keep our bodies healthy.

Our RE topic ‘Sacred Texts and Stories’ provides children with the opportunity to explain some of the different ways that individuals show their beliefs.  We will learn about sacred and  holy books of the religions we have studied so far and each religious worldview’s viewpoint on creation. 

As we approach SATs week, children will be consolidating all taught content in Maths so far.  We will be revisiting prior learning – keeping our arithmetic and reasoning skills fresh!  During PSHE, children will complete the Community Sports and Education Trust Positive Minds programme.  This is a 10 week programme in which children will find out more about Mental Health: what it is, how to build healthy relationships, resilience, social media and internet safety, body image and emotional literacy. 

The icing on the cake of our term will be the Year 6 residential!  The children are enormously excited about their 5-day residential to Caythorpe.  After the much-anticipated SATs, children will have truly earned time to rest, relax and make some memories!

Spring 2022

This term, Year 6 have been transported back to the outbreak of World War Two.  Our History lessons have involved delving into the causes of WW2, the experiences of evacuees, limitations of rationing and what life was like for women during this time.  We have also examined real-life accounts of life during the Blitz.  We discovered that the opening of Manland Primary coincided with the outbreak of the war and the experiences of a child who attended Manland at that time!  

Year 6 took part in a World War 2 workshop for the day here at Manland. Children enjoyed a range of activities that not only consolidated their learning, but really brought the war ‘experience’ to life.  Children learned about life in the army, conditions for conscription, fitness tests, scrambling under nets to avoid the enemy and target practice. Decoding secret messages and concealing hidden objects about their person gave children a taste of life as a spy!  The morning was rounded off with a good old-fashioned sing-song to raise spirits and we were treated to a performance by a group of students who had written their very own morale-boosting song!  After a spot of lunch, children delved a little more into experiences of evacuees and found out about the limitations of rationing.  Year 6 finished their session by playing well-known games that were popular during the war.  

Drawing upon our History knowledge, in English children have written newspaper articles recounting Chamberlain’s announcement of war with Germany and a night during the Blitz bombing campaign.  We have thought carefully about the formality of our writing: switching tone and formality for each character.  Children have been able to use influences from our Reading text (Michelle Magorian’s ‘Goodnight Mister Tom’) to write from the point of view of an evacuee – thinking about their thoughts, feelings, hopes and fears at the time.  

Linking to our ‘The World at War’ topic, in our RE lessons we have been examining concepts of ‘freedom’ and ‘justice’.  We have been exploring these concepts from different religious worldviews and deciding what these concepts mean to us as individuals.  In Art, children have used sketching pencils, charcoal and oil pastels to create their own scenes of the Blitz attacks on London.   

During our Science lessons, we have thought about how living things are classified and the contribution of Carl Linnaeus to this field.  Our learning continues in Maths where we have learned the order of operations and algebra, explored formal written methods for long division, looked at the relationships between perimeter and algebra, reflected and translated shapes on four quadrants and used protractors to recognise and find angles.  

Autumn 2021

Welcome to Year 6! In English and Reading we have been examining texts that use suspense in their writing.  We’ve been inspired by the details used and incorporating these into our own writing.  We have been writing an opening scene based on Philip Pullman’s ‘Clockwork’ and painting a picture with words for our reader to imagine in their mind’s eye.  It has been so lovely to see children drawing on their reading (both at home and in school) to give their writing flair. 

Having re-visited place value in Maths, we are now investigating the most effective method to solve a calculation and providing justifications for our choice.  This has led to many interesting debates in the classroom over the most efficient methodology! 

In Science we have been finding out about the anatomy of the human eye and how we’re able to see.  This has dovetailed with our History topic, Great People of Science.  We found out about the work of Sir Isaac Newton and had great fun creating our own Newtonian colour wheels!  It was super to see Year 6 pulling together and using their Manland values when things didn’t go according to plan.  Teamwork and perseverance made for a fun, white-light filled afternoon!

We are looking forward to Bikeability and have been busy rehearsing our Harvest Assembly song.  Using their aspiration, Year 6 have decided to be ambitious and incorporate Makaton signing to complement their performance.  Year 6 have also undertaken a training afternoon to become play-leaders during break times.  Children take responsibility for organising activities for the Year 2 children so that play is purposeful and fun.  It was so lovely to see older children caring for and looking out for their younger peers. 

This has been a super start to the term and we are so excited to find out what the year has in store for us.  Well done Year 6! 


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