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Year 6

Miss Noonan (Class Teacher)

Mrs Brookes (Trainee Teacher)

Mrs Upton (Support Staff)

Autumn 2021

Welcome to Year 6! In English and Reading we have been examining texts that use suspense in their writing.  We’ve been inspired by the details used and incorporating these into our own writing.  We have been writing an opening scene based on Philip Pullman’s ‘Clockwork’ and painting a picture with words for our reader to imagine in their mind’s eye.  It has been so lovely to see children drawing on their reading (both at home and in school) to give their writing flair. 

Having re-visited place value in Maths, we are now investigating the most effective method to solve a calculation and providing justifications for our choice.  This has led to many interesting debates in the classroom over the most efficient methodology! 

In Science we have been finding out about the anatomy of the human eye and how we’re able to see.  This has dovetailed with our History topic, Great People of Science.  We found out about the work of Sir Isaac Newton and had great fun creating our own Newtonian colour wheels!  It was super to see Year 6 pulling together and using their Manland values when things didn’t go according to plan.  Teamwork and perseverance made for a fun, white-light filled afternoon!

We are looking forward to Bikeability and have been busy rehearsing our Harvest Assembly song.  Using their aspiration, Year 6 have decided to be ambitious and incorporate Makaton signing to complement their performance.  Year 6 have also undertaken a training afternoon to become play-leaders during break times.  Children take responsibility for organising activities for the Year 2 children so that play is purposeful and fun.  It was so lovely to see older children caring for and looking out for their younger peers. 

This has been a super start to the term and we are so excited to find out what the year has in store for us.  Well done Year 6! 

Summer 2021

Year 6 have been having a great time in our final half term together. In art we have started our World War 2 inspired paintings by researching artists and sketching the London skyline. We will complete these by adding colour ideas before creating the London skyline in silhouette against the backdrop of the Blitz.

In history we are finishing our WW2 topic. The children have all approached the topic with sensitivity and empathy. Their understanding of the issues and how propaganda was used has been really impressive and the insights they show during class discussions has shown their maturity.

In English, we have been using a wordless book, Journey, as a stimulus. After gathering interesting vocabulary, the class have written some very impressive setting descriptions. Their use of figurative language has made their pieces a delight to read. We will continue with this work over the next few weeks.

It would be remiss to leave out the hard work that the children have been putting into the play. They have been very busy: learning lines, getting song lyric and actions right, following complex stage directions and offering suggestions for improvements. All of this is impressive enough, but what has been a joy to watch is their enjoyment and theatrical flair.

The children did really well in their unit on shape in maths. We covered the features of 2D and 3D shapes and their use of precise maths vocabulary was very impressive. They also covered a recap of the 4 operations and carried out benchmark assessments. Their focus and maturity was a real credit to them.

In English, we have planned and written a formal information piece about humanism, which gave the children an opportunity to use the information they learned during lockdown R.E. lessons. Their depth of understanding was superb and they all worked hard to create a formal tone for their writing. We went on to focus on two narrative pieces. The first was a story based on a Shang Dynasty tomb discovery. They did a great job of creating a distinctive voice for their main character and building up tension as they entered the tomb. Finally, they worked on a descriptive piece based on the film version of Great Expectations. They used “show not tell” to build a picture of the main characters after giving beautifully atmospheric descriptions of the setting. Their use of dialogue to show the contrast between two characters was very well crafted and they should all be very proud of what they achieved. As part of our English, we have been using “The Boy in the Tower” as a guided reading text. I have been impressed day after day by their ability to thoughtfully discuss the themes in the book and ask relevant questions to increase their understanding.

I hope that you have enjoyed seeing the Terracotta Army figures that the children brought home. After researching the original pieces, the class all threw themselves into creating detailed drawings and then modelling their own version of a terracotta warrior. They made an impressive display when all lined up together.