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Year 6

Miss Noonan (Class Teacher)

Mrs Ebbs (Support Staff)

Summer 2024

Year 6 go from strength to strength! Our reading text this term has been Michelle Magorian’s ’Goodnight Mr Tom’.  I think it’s fair to say this text has already taken us on a rollercoaster of emotions: Willie’s wretchedness when remembering his life in London, the joy he feels as he discovers what life can be like, cheering on Mr Oakley as he encourages Willie, and re-discovers a little bit of life himself.

In English, Year 6 have been thinking about how to demonstrate changes in formality through newspaper writing. They have been showcasing their writing using all the skills they have learned: fronted adverbials, synonyms, dialogue, varying sentence length, purposeful repetition, pronouns and conjunctions – all designed to aid cohesion (the ‘secret strings’ that helps stories to flow). 

As we head into the swing of SATs preparation, our statistics topic in Maths included constructing our own dual bar charts, reading and interpreting pie charts (including those that use percentages) and how to calculate the mean. As part of geometry, we revisited angles and learned how to calculate vertically opposite angles, angles in a triangle and the properties of circles.  We rounded off with the nets of 3D shapes. Continuing into position and direction, our mathematicians learned how to read and plot points in four quadrants, to solve problems with coordinates and finished with a refresh on reflection and translation.

In Science topic ‘Evolution’, children have been thinking about which of our features are inherited and how living beings adapt to their environment, leading to evolution.  Our History topic ‘World War Two’ has seen us explore which countries and leaders were involved in the war, important events, the effect of rationing, how the lives of women changed greatly and the lasting effects of the war on our world. 

As with many Year 6 cohorts up and down the country, this term has inevitably focused on KS2 SATs.  The children’s eagerness to do their best has shone through and that is all we can ask.  During SATs week, we’ll start each day at 8:10am with a hearty breakfast of fruit and pastries – a chance to laugh away any last-minute nerves before tackling the morning’s tests.  During the afternoons, children will have their hands full with PE and our DT topic ‘bird boxes’.  As in keeping with SATs tradition, after the hard work comes a treat (in our case – pizza!).  Year 6 will not have long to rest though – we’re off on our residential to PGL Caythorpe, swiftly followed by preparations for our end of year show!

Spring 2024

Year 6 have continued their amazing start and have been super busy! The children have been reading Kiran Milwood Hargrave’s ‘The Island at the End of Everything’ in their reading lessons.  This is a thought-provoking and heart-rending tale describing friendship, equality and how we treat those who are different.  This has supported our English writing – discussion texts.  As Year 6 become more skilled writers, they’re learning to compose a balanced argument – using synonymous phrases, purposeful repetition and pronouns to aid cohesion, and deftly presenting both sides of an argument. 

At the very start of the term we explored metric and imperial units of measurement.  We learned how to convert between miles and kilometres and solve problems that use mixed measures.  As we’re moving on to ratio, children will learn to work systematically around a shape to ensure that all sides are enlarged by the same scale factor. Our mathematicians will finally be able to apply their knowledge of ratio and proportion to adapt recipes.  Year 6 are already chomping at the bit for the next topic – algebra!  

In the Science topic ‘Classification’, children have been classifying livings things using Carl Linnaeus’ system of classification.  They will be carrying out their own experiments to find out how micro-organisms (yeast) reacts with different substances.  Our RE topic is based on the driving question ‘is anything ever eternal?’  We will be exploring themes of ‘forever’, ‘eternity’ and different types of love.  Children will find out more about the Christian concept of heaven, forgiveness and eternal life, whilst relating these ideas to their own worldview.   Our History topic this term is the Kingdom of Benin.   Year 6 will be finding out about this empire, its Golden Age and links to the British Empire.    Our Art topic ‘Exploring Identity’ is all about creating layered portraits from different angles.   For our Computing lessons, children will become publishers!  They will work in teams to compile their very own class magazine detailing their experiences at Manland to date.  Sections will include: most likely to … highlights, favourite memories, teachers of past and present and an interview with the Headteacher! Our budding journalists will collate and compile their own content, decide on layout and pictures for their pages. 

Year 6 have enhanced their contribution to our school community with members having been elected to the Pupil Parliament – led by our Year 6 Prime Minister.  We’re very much looking forward to the impact this inspirational group will have on our school!  

Autumn 2023

I’m delighted to be able to say that Year 6 have settled in beautifully and have hit the
ground running!

In our Reading lessons, we have been studying David Almond’s ‘Skellig’.
This text not only includes several plot strands to keep us reading, but in places also uses a
non-linear time sequence. We have been thinking a lot about ‘inference’ – using clues and
hints in the text to ‘read between the lines’. When reading aloud, Year 6 having been
practising fluency: focussing on intonation and prosody to reflect the author’s intentions.

In English, we have been examining a range of texts that use suspense in their writing. Year 6
have been drilling down into the details that authors use to create suspense and keep us
hooked. Our budding writers have already started to think about what they like to read, and
reflect this in their own writing. They will be inspired by these details to create their own
piece of writing and keep their own reader hanging on!

Having re-visited place value in Maths, we are now moving on to addition, subtraction,
multiplication and division. We’ll start by investigation common factors and multiples, rules
of divisibility (including short and long division), square and cube numbers, multiplying 4-
digit numbers by 2-digt numbers and solving problems using division and multiplication.
Alongside this, we’ll be investigating the most efficient method to solve a calculation and
providing justifications for our choice. This has (so far) led to many interesting debates in
the classroom over the most efficient methodology!

In Science we have been finding out about the anatomy of the human eye and how we’re
able to see.

Our RE topic about Islam has been driven by the question ‘How can Muslims
show commitment to God?’ We have explored the concept of ‘commitment’ and when it
may be tricky to stay committed. Children have been finding out about the Five Pillars of
Islam and the commitment of Muslims to keep God at the forefront of their lives. It has
been so interesting to listen children articulate their opinions and relate these to their own
world view.

Our History topic this term is ‘The British Empire’. We have been finding out
how the British Empire became so influential and dominant over the rest of the world, the
role of the East India Company in helping this to happen and the demise of the Empire.

Our Art topic has enabled us to find out more about Pablo Picasso and the Cubist movement.
Year 6 have been recreated their own self-portraits in the Cubist style.

We have been so impressed with the effort that candidates have demonstrated in their
House Captain speeches! Voting day saw children using a variety of persuasive techniques –
even dressing up and voting campaigns in the run-up! Children drafted and practised
speeches, supporting each other beautifully in doing so. We have no doubt that our House
Captains will represent our school beautifully.

As we get ready for our Crucial Crew trip to St Albans Fire Station, our class assembly, Harvest Festival, Manland’s Open Morning and Rotary Carols, Year 6 certainly have a busy term! We’re sure they’ll take it in their stride and do a great job. 


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