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Challenge Yourself

At Manland, children are encouraged to challenge themselves in their learning both in school and at home.  This page will help our children to deepen their understanding of topics and further develop their love of learning.

Examples of ways you can challenge yourself further…

  • Spend time working hard on your home learning projects
  • Use your computer skills to research and make a presentation about subjects you are learning at school
  • Talk to the people around you to explain your thinking and deepen your understanding
  • Explain to your parents and carers how to work out the answer to a question
  • Attend a club outside of school to follow your interests
  • Visit the local library to find out new things
  • Become part of our School Council or Eco-Committee

Ways in which we are challenged at school…

  • Our learning is structured by having three challenges which we can choose from.  We also have an extension task available to us within our lessons.
  • It is our choice which challenge we access within each lesson because we are becoming independent learners and are encouraged to self-reflect on our ability within each lesson and skill being taught.
  • Our teachers help to guide us if we are unsure which challenge we should be starting on.
  • In each lesson, we can move onto different challenges based on how we are finding the level of challenge.


“We can move up if we don’t think we are challenging ourselves enough or we can move down, complete a challenge below and then move up again”-Year 6

“I like to challenge myself”-Year 3

“People can do a boost, an extension”-Year 4


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