Return to Classes

Year 3

Miss Wilcox (Class Teacher)

Mrs Gourlay (Support Staff)

Summer 2023

Welcome back! I can’t believe we are already in the summer term! Year 3 have started our final term just as excited as ever about all of the new topics for this term.

In our Reading lessons, we have been studying Anita Ganeri’s ’Horrible Geography: Planet in Peril’. We have been learning about the environment and we have been discussing how we can help to save our planet. Alongside this learning, in English, we have been busy writing our own persuasive speeches about plastic use.

In Maths, we have been learning about fractions. I have been so impressed with the aspirational learning from the class, as I know fractions are a tricky topic. This term we are also learning about volume and capacity, money, time, shape and finishing the year with statistics.

In our Science lessons we have started on our topic of ‘rocks’. The children have been able to identify different types of rocks and fossils. As there are some future palaeontologist’s in the class, they have been really interested in this.

Our topic in Geography this term is ‘Our European Neighbours’. We have been enjoying listening to songs about the countries in Europe to help enhance our learning. We have also been identifying different countries based on their features, such as the money they use and the colour or design of their flag.

In our second topic of the term, we will be studying the Roman Empire in Britain. We are really looking forward to going to the Verulamium Museum as part of our learning. 

In PE this term, Year 3 are continuing with their swimming lessons. This year I have been so impressed with the progress they have all made. Alongside this, we will also be looking at throwing and catching, and some athletics later in the term.

Year 3 should all be so proud of the work they have done this year. We are all really excited to see what this final term brings.

Autumn 2022

Year 3 have made a great start to Key Stage 2.  They regularly demonstrate the Manland values and work hard in all that they do. 
They have built upon their reading, writing and maths skills that they developed in Year 2. It was great to read the fables that they wrote after reading several of Aesop’s Fables.  
In Science, they have been exploring the topic of light. They have enjoyed working out how to make shadows by blocking light sources. They are looking forward to finding out about forces and using magnets after half term. 
In Art, the class have focused on Claude Monet’s work and have really impressed us with their comments on some of his most famous pieces and the painting style he uses. They used toys and torches, linking to their Science learning, to create pictures with shadows like Monet’s Haystack picture. We hope you like the end results! 
If you want to find out more about Britain between the Stone Age and the Iron Age, please ask our Year 3’s so they can impress you with their History learning. They have also made a great start to their swimming lessons this term. We can’t wait to see what they will learn over the rest of the year. 


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