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Year 3

Miss Wilcox (Class Teacher)

Mrs Kaur (Support Staff)

Summer 2022

Welcome back, we hope you have all had a restful break! 

This summer term, Year 3 have been on an adventure. We have all been writing our own adventure stories. We have looked at the features of adventure stories, read and compared similarities and differences between them, described unusual settings and characters by using expanded noun phrases and similes. We used ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ as our inspirations for our stories.  

In Maths, we have been looking at long division and reading and telling the time. We have also answered time problems.  

Computing is always a class favourite and we have created our own Wikipedia pages for our class Wiki.   

In our Science topic we will be investigating plants which means we get to make use of the lovely weather outside when investigating, classifying, and gathering information.  

Art this term is very exciting; we will be using our historic knowledge to create Roman mosaics.  

In Geography, the children have had a fantastic start to our volcanoes topic. The children will be locating the world’s volcanoes, exploring life in volcanic areas, identifying the features of a volcano and what happens when a volcano erupts!  

Spring 2022

In Year 3 this term, we have been looking at how to include twists. Traditional tales have been one of the key learning topics in literacy. We drew inspiration from our favourite traditional tales and looked for similarities between them.  We have then been influenced by the twisted tale of The Princess and the Pea; we then told the same traditional tales from a different point of view with a creative twist.  

In Maths we have studied and explored fractions. This started with creating our own fractions to finding fractions of amounts. We have also enjoyed comparing and ordering fractions. 

During this busy term we really enjoyed looking at changes to Britain during the Iron Age. We discovered that humans living in Britain at this time were called Celts, and they lived very physical and dangerous lives. We looked at artifacts and pictured ourselves living in roundhouses on hillforts. We also researched hillforts and found out that there were two local hillforts in Hertfordshire!

In R.E we have been looking at the importance of the prayer for Christians and Muslims.  We looked at different types of prayer and  learnt the importance of belonging and commitment between the two religions.

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