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Year 2

Mr Spendlove (Class Teacher)

Mrs Castellani, Mrs Lorek, Mrs McFarlane and Miss Witton (Support Staff)

Summer 2022

Welcome back for the final term of Year 2 and Key Stage 1! We will be working hard throughout this term building up to our assessments during May and our trip to the Shuttleworth Collection. 

There will also be Sports Day and School Photo Day to look forward to. 

In English, we will look at creation myths from Australia and write our own myth for how something was created. We will write a series of mystical instructions and look at the story The Worst Witch by Jill Murphy in depth, writing in a range of ways. We will also look at the poetry of Michael Rosen, collected in his anthology No Breathing in Class.  

In Maths, we will use the cumulative knowledge we have built over the first 3 years of primary school to solve problems using all four functions. We will also develop our understanding of halves, thirds and quarters. 

In History we will learn all about the history of flight, including some unusual characters from history you may not have heard of. We are also lucky enough to visit a museum of transport and flight and see a large range of aircraft ranging from early prototypes like Otto Lillienthal’s gliders and the Bleriot XI, to more modern planes and those used in both world wars. 

In Art we are learning weaving techniques and looking at artwork made from fabric. 

In Computing we’ll be learning about stop motion animation and creating our own animations to tell a simple story. 

For more details about our topics, please read the curriculum planner from the top of this page. 

Spring 2022

Welcome back! 

The work continues throughout the Spring term and we are studying some exciting new topics in all subject areas.  

In English, we will be writing detailed reports about the Great Fire of London, developing our understanding of rhyme and writing our own versions of familiar stories with recurring language.

In Maths, we will be working on formal written addition and subtraction using the column method. We will solve routine and non-routine problems using these techniques and learn about how to tell the time. Towards the end of the term, we will use different methods to represent multiplication and solve problems involving multiplication and division.

In History, we’re studying the Great Fire of London. We will explore the events of the fire, what people did to try and prevent the fire and how we know about the fire. We will also discuss the idea of reliability of information, and what we can trust.

In Science we’re exploring animal habitats and plants. We will identify and name a variety of plants and animals in their habitats, learn about how animals obtain food and build our understanding of food chains.

In Geography we are going to compare Harpenden to London and form our own opinions about the two locations.

In Art, we’re drawing landscapes and cityscapes, linking to our History and Geography topics about London.

In Computing, we’re introduced to the fascinating world of Logo; using simple instructions to use a computer to draw images.

Autumn 2021

Welcome to Year 2! 

We’re all very excited to start this new academic year and get involved with all our exciting learning. We have been really impressed with the children so far. They’re working hard and giving everything their full effort. As the year progresses we’re going to tackle lots of challenges working together as a team and think a lot about how we can take responsibility for our own actions and build up others. 

In English, we will be writing explanations about Monsters inspired by ‘Monsters: an Owner’s Guide’, writing list poems and re-telling traditional fairy tales in our own words. Look out for lots of monstrous learning over this half term. 

In Maths, we will be doing lots of work that is all about securing our number fluency within 100. We will be making numbers from lots of different resources, playing lots of games involving place value, counting on and back in ones and tens and beginning to think about how we can solve addition and subtraction calculations in our heads without writing anything down. 

In Science we’re exploring the uses of materials all around us. We’ll be doing lots of touring the school looking for materials and thinking about why we should make teapots out of china and not chocolate. 

In Art, we’re learning all about pop art and creating our own dazzling portraits. We’re building on our colour mixing skills from year one to make tints and shades and learning about the famous artists who popularised pop art. 

In History, we’re studying the lives of royals throughout the years. We will be comparing a royal banquet to our own school dinners and learning about the history of the United Kingdom. 
















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