Return to Classes

Year 2

Miss Davies (Class Teacher)

Mrs Castellani and Mrs Ebbs (Support Staff)

Summer 2023

Welcome back for the final term of Year 2 and Key Stage 1! We will be working hard throughout this term building up to our assessments during May. There will also be Sports Day and School Photo Day to look forward to.  

 In English, we will study quest stories and write our own stories following an inspirational journey. We will study classic poetry and write our own poems inspired by ‘The Eagle’. We will look at the work of Anthony Browne and write our own version of one of his stories and we will create an explanation text detailing the life cycle of a plant.   

In Maths, we will use the cumulative knowledge we have built over the first 3 years of primary school to solve problems using all four functions. We will also develop our understanding of halves, thirds and quarters and learn to tell the time. 

In History we will learn all about the history of the monarchy, focusing on three famous monarchs: Queen Elizabeth II, Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth I. We will consider the role of the monarchy in 2023 and how it has changed since Queen Elizabeth I’s days. 

In Geography we are taking a trip to exotic Cairo. We will learn about the human and physical geographical features of the city and how despite being in a totally different climate, it bears some striking similarities to our own capital city. 

In Art we are learning about architectural art and creating our own architectural models..  

In Computing we’ll be learning about stop motion animation and creating our own animations to tell a simple story.  

Spring 2023

Happy New Year! We have another jam-packed term ahead of us as Spring rapidly approaches. 
In English, we will be doing a deep dive into all things shark-related and writing a non-chronological report about sharks. We will write our own funny instructions using ’15 Things to Not Do With A Puppy’ for inspiration and write a recount from the perspective of Julian from ‘Julian is a Mermaid’.
In Maths, we’re using a new approach to our lessons building from the White Rose Maths resources. We will start with formal written addition and subtraction methods and continue with some work on shape and money.
In the first half term, we will be studying Art and Geography. In the second half term, we will study Design and Technology and History.
In Art, we are studying expressive painting and building our skills drawing and painting still life. 
In Computing, we will first develop our photography skills and then use the internet to research and strengthen our understanding of safe internet usage.
In Design and Technology, we will research, design and make a moving vehicle with wheels, axles and a chassis.
In PE, we will practise gymnastics skills and play invasion games using ball skills.
In Geography, we will study weather in the United Kingdom and around the world.
In History, we’re focusing on the development of communication methods from early writing to telephones and the internet.
In Music we are going to be asking two key questions: How Does Music Make the World a Better Place and How Does Music Teach Us about Our Neighbourhood? We will compose and improvise simple melodies on the glockenspiel and build our singing skills.
In PSHE, we will first talk about our Dreams and Goals and then learn about different ways to stay healthy and happy.
In RE, we will learn about Prayer and Worship in 6 different religious communities and then focus on the Easter Story and learn about the Christian festival of Easter in detail.
In Science, we are continuing our work on Animals including Humans and then beginning a new topic about plants.

Autumn 2022

In English, we will be writing explanations about animals inspired by animals and their offspring, writing list poems and re-telling traditional fairy tales in our own words.  

In Maths, we will be doing lots of work that is all about securing our number fluency within 100. We will be making numbers from lots of different resources, playing lots of games involving place value, counting on and back in ones and tens and beginning to think about how we can solve addition and subtraction calculations in our heads without writing anything down.  

In Science we’re exploring the uses of materials all around us. We’ll be doing lots of touring the school looking for materials and thinking about why we should make teapots out of china and not chocolate.  

In Art, we’re learning about the work of Vincent Van Gogh and painting our own landscapes and portraits. We’re building on our colour mixing skills from year one to make tints and shades and learning about how to use bold strokes and wavy lines to create an impression of something real.  

In History, we’re studying the Great Fire of London. We will be visiting a museum to bake bread in the style of Thomas Farriner and learning about methods of putting out fires from the 17th Century. We will read some excerpts from Samuel Pepys’s diary and learn about how the people of London came together to prevent further disaster. 


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