Return to Classes

Year 2

Mr Spendlove (Class Teacher)

Mrs Castellani, Mrs Hose, Mrs McFarlane and Miss Witton (Support Staff)

Summer 2021

Welcome back year 2.

We hope you had a fantastic Easter break and are looking forward to the final summer term of year 2.

In English we will be writing information texts, and will start learning and writing about sharks.

In Maths we will be starting with addition and subtraction before moving onto fractions and time.

In Science we are going to continue with our plants topic. Let’s hope for warmer weather so our seeds have the warmth they need to grow.

Our History and Geography takes us on an expedition Down Under. We will be learning all about Australia and about significant individuals in the history of flight. This links to our Art, where we will be  focusing on aboriginal dot paintings and weaving.

Spring 2021

We have been so proud of Year 2’s efforts and achievements this term. It wasn’t the term we were expecting, however we have been blown away by their positive attitude and commitment to their work.

In English the children have become experts at retelling stories using actions and creating story maps. Their creative ideas for new characters and stories have really impressed us. The children have written amazing instructions to defeat the fire giants and clear explanations of how a fantastical creature flies. What a lot of hard work and fun everyone has had, learning and practising spellings and handwriting at home and during our zoom sessions!

In maths we have focussed on our 2, 5 and 10 times tables and created tally charts and pictograms. It has been amazing to see how the class have responded to this, collecting data from nature walks, traffic surveys, and the number of toys they have and then presented this in various ways.

In Science we have focused on the human lifestyle and learnt about what is in our food, the impact that exercise has on us and the importance of hygiene. Although, we are very experienced at this after the year we have had. It was fantastic to see some of your practical exercises and the variety of activities you did to increase your heart rate.

We went back in time to 1666, in history, when the Great Fire of London took place, finding out what it was like to live in London during this time and what the effect the Great Fire had. Our Geography topic has also taken us to London, where we have been finding out what a famous city it is and the wonderful landmarks there are to visit. Some of the children even made models of the landmarks with various building materials.

Who knew that Year 2 were professional artists! We have been blown away by the creativity and quality of your work. From studying the greats, such as Vincent Van Gogh and recreating his famous ‘Starry Night’ and ‘Sunflower’ pieces to creating collages and 3D models of The Great Fire of London, whatever you have been set, you have risen to the challenge.

In computing, we have become masters of computer art, creating pictures in the style of famous artists such as Mondrian, Seurat and Picasso. We have used lines, colour, dots and shapes to create our pieces of art! We have also taken part in Safer internet Day.

Our zooms have been incredible and we have been in competition with games such as Blankety Blank, Play your Cards Right, General Knowledge and Countdown.  We also had fun playing switch, musical statues, bingo and heads or tails. We enjoyed all the children’s contributions to show and tell.

Autumn 2020

Year 2 have settled in really well into their new classroom and are following all the routines beautifully to keep our bubble safe.

The children have made a fantastic start to their learning in Year 2. They have completed some superb writing. We have been learning about the ‘Zones of Regulation’ and looking at some of the characters from the film ‘Inside Out’. The children have written reassuring letters advising the character Riley of strategies to use if she is in the ‘Red Zone’ and feels sad. They have also been writing narrative recounts based on ‘Voices in the Park’ and ‘Dogger’.

In Maths we have been enjoying listening to songs and practising number bonds to 10 and 20 and number facts. The facts the children have been telling us are very impressive! We have also been focussing on using the most efficient strategy to solve calculations, such as ‘Think 10’. The children have had fun using the tens frame and number lines apparatus to help with addition and subtraction.

In Science we have been exploring materials and their uses. We have how different materials have been used in school, for example wood and metal is used for our play equipment as it is strong. We have learnt what the scientist Charles Macintosh invented…can you predict his famous invention as we did? It may be useful it rainy weather.

In Art we have been using bright and bold colours to create ‘Pop Art’ portraits.

In History we have been learning about Monarchs who have ruled our country. Our PSHE lesson has been on anti – bullying. We have reflected on this and considered who we might be able to speak to if we ever needed to. We traced around our hands and have made a display for our class.