Return to Classes

Year 2

Mr Spendlove (Class Teacher)

Mrs Castellani, Mrs Hose, Mrs McFarlane and Miss Witton (Support Staff)

Autumn 2021

Welcome to Year 2! 

We’re all very excited to start this new academic year and get involved with all our exciting learning. We have been really impressed with the children so far. They’re working hard and giving everything their full effort. As the year progresses we’re going to tackle lots of challenges working together as a team and think a lot about how we can take responsibility for our own actions and build up others. 

In English, we will be writing explanations about Monsters inspired by ‘Monsters: an Owner’s Guide’, writing list poems and re-telling traditional fairy tales in our own words. Look out for lots of monstrous learning over this half term. 

In Maths, we will be doing lots of work that is all about securing our number fluency within 100. We will be making numbers from lots of different resources, playing lots of games involving place value, counting on and back in ones and tens and beginning to think about how we can solve addition and subtraction calculations in our heads without writing anything down. 

In Science we’re exploring the uses of materials all around us. We’ll be doing lots of touring the school looking for materials and thinking about why we should make teapots out of china and not chocolate. 

In Art, we’re learning all about pop art and creating our own dazzling portraits. We’re building on our colour mixing skills from year one to make tints and shades and learning about the famous artists who popularised pop art. 

In History, we’re studying the lives of royals throughout the years. We will be comparing a royal banquet to our own school dinners and learning about the history of the United Kingdom. 

Summer 2021

Welcome back year 2.

We hope you had a fantastic Easter break and are looking forward to the final summer term of year 2.

In English we will be writing information texts, and will start learning and writing about sharks.

In Maths we will be starting with addition and subtraction before moving onto fractions and time.

In Science we are going to continue with our plants topic. Let’s hope for warmer weather so our seeds have the warmth they need to grow.

Our History and Geography takes us on an expedition Down Under. We will be learning all about Australia and about significant individuals in the history of flight. This links to our Art, where we will be  focusing on aboriginal dot paintings and weaving.















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