Return to Classes

Year 4

Mr Brittin (Class Teachers)

Mrs Angus, Mrs Fairhead, Mrs Gourlay and Mrs Read (Support Staff)

Autumn 2023

It’s been a fantastic start to the school year in Year 4, the children have returned from their summer break with an incredible burst of energy for learning. I am thrilled to witness the class’ ongoing growth and enthusiasm for each subject and how quickly they’ve adapted to our rules and routines in this already busy half term. 

In our English lessons, their passion for Roman myths has truly shone. We’ve delved into these captivating tales during our reading sessions, identified key features, and even plotted our own mythological adventures where our heroic protagonists take on formidable beasts. 

In our Maths lessons, our focus has centred on mastering our place value knowledge and extending our understanding of it up to 10,000. We’ve honed our estimating and comparison skills, and tackled the intriguing challenge of working out 1, 10, 100, and 1000 more or less to given amounts.  

History has transported us back to the intriguing era of the Anglo-Saxons. Through rigorous analysis of historical sources, we’ve unravelled their origins and the reasons behind their invasion and settling in England following the decline of Roman Britain. The children have also embraced their roles as archaeologists, drawing conclusions from fascinating archaeological discoveries at Sutton Hoo. I look forward to what this topic brings!  

In Science, we’ve embarked on an exploration of the states of matter. The children have eagerly sorted items into the categories of solids, liquids, and gases, and excitement is growing as we prepare for an upcoming investigation with the focus on gases in fizzy drinks.  

Art has also played a prominent role in our curriculum as we delve into the works of the renowned artist/ architect Antoni Gaudi. Through research and exploration, we’ve uncovered the essence of Gaudi’s unique designs and translated our findings into creative mood board research pages that reflect his artistic brilliance.  

Summer 2023

Year 4 returned after the Easter break, as always, excited and ready to learn all about their new topics.

In English, the children have been exploring explanation texts.  They have designed their own helpful inventions and used chronological steps to explain how they work.  Year 4 will continue their English lessons, exploring traditional African tales, poems and writing their own play scripts.

In Maths, Year 4 have been learning about decimals.  We have used our prior knowledge of place value to partition, order and round decimals.  This links with our work on money, before we learn all about time.  We finish the year learning about shape and position and direction.

In Science, we have been exploring electricity.  The children have been able to identify the different parts of a circuit and used these to find out how to light up a bulb.  They have enjoyed the challenge of working out how to make the bulb more or less bright.

Our topic for the first half term has been Italy.  The children have loved learning all about the country, its regions and cities.  They have particularly enjoyed researching significant landmarks in the country and have made some fantastic leaflets using their knowledge.  In the second half term, Year 4 will be learning all about the Vikings settling in England.  The children are really looking forward to finding out about their journeys, invasion and how they changed the country.

In DT, we have been learning about seasonal food.  We have learnt about the different foods that are in season at different times and even got to try some of them.  The children particularly enjoyed tasting the rhubarb!  In Art, we will be continuing our work on sculpture.  Year 4 will explore how artists are inspired by the natural world around them and use this to make their own sculptures inspired by birds’ nests.

In PE, the children have been continuing their work on ball games, with a focus on rounders and cricket.  They have really enjoyed having the chance to have a go at all of the different positions, practising their bowling, batting and fielding skills.

In RE, Year 4 have been learning all about things that are important to different religions.  They have explored sacred items and texts and considered why these things are so important to members of different religions.

In PSHE, we have been discussing the relationships we have with our friends and family and how these can change over time.  We’ve explored the emotions we might experience when these relationships change and how we can deal with them.  It has been fantastic to see Year 4’s respectful and mature attitude to these discussions in our lessons.

Year 4 should be so proud of all their work this term and we are all really excited to see what the final term of our time in Year 4 brings.




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