Return to Classes

Year 4

Mrs Kemp and Miss Baines (Class Teachers)

Mrs Gourlay  (Support Staff)

Summer 2021

Year 4 are working hard, and are really enjoying their topics this term. They are enthusiastic about the new science topic, which is all about sound and vibration. They are learning how sounds are made and how they travel through a medium to the ear.

In computing, children are learning how to gather data about the weather and present it using spread sheets. They are learning how to create a multimedia weather report.

In P.E. children are focusing on cricket and learning lots on new skills with our dedicated cricket coach. The other P.E topic is rounders; children are working hard to perfect their batting and fielding techniques.

Year 4 started the Summer term with lots of enthusiasm. They are really enjoying the new history topic on the Tudors. They are looking forward to learning all about Henry VIII and his many wives. They have decided he must have been a very ruthless man.

Aside from Tudor monarchs, children are going to find out what it must have been like to live during Tudor times and look at their housing, clothing and food. They will also find out about the important voyages of discovery made during this time.

They are also enthusiastic about the new science topic, which is all about electricity. Children will begin by building and testing circuits. They will then look at different types of switches and investigate conductors and insulators. They will then move onto exploring how sounds are made and set up comparative and fair tests.

The art topic focuses on portraits. Children will look at a range of famous portraits and discuss which ones they find appealing. They will then start work on their own portraits using a range of different media.

In computing, children will learn about Wiki pages and their uses. They will start work on their own page for Wiki Junior. They will learn how to edit texts, practise their research skills and collaborate to produce their own information sheet.

Spring 2021

Year 4 have made a fantastic start back at school.  They have settled in very quickly to their old routines and are working hard. They have been delighted to meet their new teacher Miss Bedford.

In science we have been looking at classifying animals, they have enjoyed learning about vertebrates and invertebrates. The children wrote a fact file about their chosen animal and found out some interesting facts about them. Such as which main animal group they belonged to, if they were warm or cold blooded, different characteristics they have and where they lived in the world.

We have also been focusing on mindfulness and how to cope with different emotions. We have thought about what we learnt during lockdown and the goals we have for the future. The children have been thinking of different things that they do that make them happy and how we can deal with the emotions we feel. We have thought about different techniques we can use to feel calm such as anchoring.

The geography topic on rivers is also proving popular. Children have learnt all about the different stages of a river and which features you might find on the journey of a river. They have discovered which are the longest rivers in the world and why they are so important. They have linked art and geography by completing a range of river sketches.

In P.E. children have started a new topic, hockey. They have enjoyed learning to pass correctly and stop the ball. We are lucky to have so many expert hockey players in the class who are keen to demonstrate their skills.

In computing, children have been looking at HTML and it’s uses. They have been creating their own texts using some of the basic tags used in this code.

Year 4 are working hard and are really enjoying their new topics this term. They are enthusiastic about the new science topic, which is all about human impact in the world. They are learning about climate change and what we can do to protect our planet. They produced some brilliant posters encouraging people to dispose of their rubbish in an eco-friendly way. They have also explored food chains and webs and produced excellent pieces of work to support their learning. Year 4 have looked at how different natural and human disruptions have an impact on an ecosystem.

The history topic of the Mayans is also proving popular. Children particularly enjoyed hearing about the how the Mayans dealt with law and order. They didn’t have prisons, but shaved the heads of people who had committed crimes, so everyone would know that they had done something wrong.

In P.E. children have had a variety of different lessons to take part in, such as Samba dancing and Hip hop and of course, Joe Wicks’ sessions are very popular.

In RE, children have been thinking about the different beliefs that people hold. We have looked at a range of festivals that are celebrated by the main religions. Children enjoyed making their own Rangoli patterns, linking art and RE. In art, children have loved the chance to sketch natural objects found outside.

Autumn 2020

In English, Year 4 have been busy working on explanation texts. They have watched Wallace and Gromit’s inventions for inspiration and designed various labour saving devices for busy parents.

In Maths we have been learning how to make a whole, writing, comparing and ordering decimal numbers. We have been impressed with the work we have seen and the pupils have a secure understanding of this.

In Science, pupils have been preparing an interview or writing biographies about the scientist Carl Linnaeus. We are now beginning to explore sound and pupils will be carrying out investigations around their homes. Additionally, we are looking at solids liquids and gases. The children are looking forward to lots of exciting experiments, where materials to change form.

In History we have started the Tudors, starting with placing this era on a timeline. There is lots to learn, notably about the larger than life character Henry V111 and his wives. Children will also be learning what it would have been like to live during this period. The history topic of the Anglo-Saxons is also proving popular. Children are particularly keen to find out about Anglo-Saxon food and drink and the clothes they wore. Later in the term, they will have the chance to make a traditional Anglo-Saxon pottage.

In RE we have been reading various sacred stories. Children will think about what messages the stories give us. In art children are practising their sketching skills and sketching what they can see from their windows.

In Art children are focussing on sketching, they will be able to learn different skills such as cross hatching.

In P.E. one topic is basketball. They are enjoying learning lots on new skills. The other P.E topic is athletics; children are working hard to perfect their running and jumping skills.