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Year 4

Miss Davies (Class Teachers)

Ms Upton (Support Staff)

Autumn 2022

Year 4 have had a fantastic start to the year and are really looking forward to what lies ahead. Our topics this term are the Anglo-Saxons and Early Settlements. In Geography, the children have been identifying what features and resources are necessary to make a location a suitable place to settle. They have also enjoyed using atlases to find some locations that were settled in by Romans, Anglo-Saxons and Vikings.

In English, the class have been reading and writing Roman Myths. The children have loved reading lots of different myths and using the characters and creatures to inspire their own myths. The three-headed dog Cerberus has been a great inspiration to lots of the class with many finding different ways to include the canine beast in their stories.

In Maths, we have been exploring the four operations. The children have revisited the use of the column methods for addition and subtraction and have used their times tables knowledge to solve multiplication and division problems. Year 4 are really enjoying the challenge of TTRockstars and are testing their times tables knowledge every day.

In Science, Year 4 are exploring states of matter and have been very excited to conduct lots of experiments with Mrs Kemp. They have been able to perform and record inquiries in a scientific manner, ensuring that tests are fair and results are reliable. Our PSHE lessons have focused on ‘Being Me in My World’ and the children are exploring their belonging in the world around them. They have found out about the responsibilities of the people who are important to them, as well as how their own responsibilities affect the people and places around them.

In PE this term, Year 4 have been practising their football, hockey and rugby skills. They have explored how to pass and score as well as how best to work as a team to score a goal. This has included understanding the rules of the game and the role that each player plays within that.

In Computing, the children have been using Scratch to design and create their own educational games. They have worked in groups to programme characters to ask and respond to times tables questions, building on the skills the children have been developing in their Maths lessons.

In Art, Year 4 have been studying the work of the architect Antoni Gaudi. The children have explored some of work and researched his life and influences, which they have presented in their sketch books. The class are really looking forward to learning more about this artist and being able to create their own pieces, from clay, inspired by Goudi’s work. 

Summer 2022

Year 4 have had a brilliant start to the new term, with their fantastic Spring Concert.  The class are very excited to start learning about the Tudors this term, across English, DT, Art, Music and History.

In Geography, our topic is ‘Our Local Area’.  Within our lessons, the children are developing a range of skills, including map reading and orienteering, in order to conduct a Local Investigation of the area.  This will give them a chance to fully understand the geography of Harpenden and the impact humans have had over time.

We are developing our sewing skills in DT in order to create Tudor Rose pin cushions.  The children have looked at a range of pin cushions to develop a success criteria for their final products.  They will be learning a range of stitches that they will use to assemble their cushion over the half term.

In computing, Year 4 are creating WIKIs and weather reports, using a range of media and information to compile a database and report.  They will continue to develop their understanding of safe and respectable conduct when online.

Alongside our swimming lessons, this term Year 4 are working on their cricket and athletics skills.  They will be developing how they act as individual athletes and as part of a team within a range of activities.

In English, the class are using our topic of ‘Terrific Tudors’ to write biographies of historical figures, as well as thinking about how their own experiences compare in order to write autobiographies.  We will also be using our reading book ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ as inspiration for fictional writing, where the children will be writing their own fantasy stories. 

Year 4 started the term learning about time, including 12 and 24-hour clock and finding durations.  To support our Geography topic, Year 4 will be learning about statistics in order to find and present different sets of data, as well as coordinates and position and direction.  Year 4 will continue to develop their arithmetic skills, recapping all that we have covered this year.

Everyone should be so proud of themselves for a fantastic start and we look forward to a jam packed term, including a workshop and trip to Hatfield House.

Spring 2022

Year 4 have settled in to the new term really well, despite lots of changes being thrown their way.  They are all very enthusiastic about our topic this term ‘The Mighty Mayans’.  In history, we have been investigating the discovery of the Mayan civilisation and comparing their ancient society and technologies to the modern ones we know now.

We have been learning all about electrical circuits in DT.  The children have looked at the internal workings of a radio and were able to identify its different components.  The children are designing their own circuits and lamps, which will produce patterns inspired by our Mayans topic.

In computing, Year 4 have been using Isle of Tune to create their own digital performance pieces.  The children have really enjoyed the freedom to compose their own music in this way.  We are hoping to transfer some of these skills to our Music topic, where the children will be composing their own pieces inspired by Stravinsky’s Firebird Finale.  The children have been experts in Music and have been helping Miss Davies to read the notes.

In P.E, Year 4 have been focusing on gymnastics.  They have been learning safe and effective movements in order to choreograph their own routines.  All the children have been working really well in small groups, supporting each other to hone their skills.

In English, the children have been writing setting descriptions, based on The Explorer by Katherine Rundell.  They have all really progressed in their writing, carefully planning and editing their extended writing. 

Year 4 started the half term learning all about the properties of shapes and have now moved on to decimals.  They have learnt all about place value, and how they can manipulate decimals in different ways.  The whole class did particularly well when rounding decimals and many of them have even started writing their own questions to test Miss Davies.

Well done for such a great start to the term Year 4!  We’re all very excited to see what lies in store for the rest of the term.

Autumn 2021

What a fantastic start!

Well Year 4 have opened the show with their infamous assembly setting the bar for all other classes to follow. With excellent singing and facts about the Anglo-Saxons they completely engaged their audiences and left them wanting to know more. A huge well done to all, you have made us very proud!

In class we have spent time revising the Manland Values and learning about famous women who have influenced our world by sharing the research they have worked hard to develop. We also used our House Learning Day to think about our planet and how our actions impact greatly on it’s future. I believe we may have some mini Greta Thunbergs in our mists!

In Science our topic is The Digestive System and Teeth. We have already completed an investigation to see how our Digestive System works. Some of the class found this fun, others found it gross! We mushed up banana, biscuits, orange juice and water in a plastic bag. The bag represented our stomach. We then poured the contents of the bag into the leg of a pair of tights. The tights represented our small intestine. Next we pushed the contents to the end of the tights using a tea towel, the moisture was absorbed by the tea towel. Finally, we cut a hole at the end of the tights and squeezed the remainder of the contents into a bowl…. can you guess what this showed?

In Maths we have been focusing on multiplication and division, honing our skills and understanding that we can use bar models to help us solve problems. We have also focused on rounding to help us quickly solve mental maths problems.

In English we are entering the world of poetry and learning about poetic devises and how they influence the reader. We will be looking at how to create vivid imagery in our own writing. We will also be group reading The Jungle Book and exploring its characters and messages. 

In Geography we will be looking at settlements and how these have shaped the landscape as we know it. We will also be linking this to the Anglo-Saxons and how they divided England into domains. In Art we will continue to use line to create form and in DT we will be looking at weaving and cooking.




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