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Year 4

Mrs Kemp and Miss Baines (Class Teachers)

Mrs Gourlay  (Support Staff)

Summer 2021

Year 4 are working hard, and are really enjoying their topics this term. They are enthusiastic about the new science topic, which is all about sound and vibration. They are learning how sounds are made and how they travel through a medium to the ear.

In computing, children are learning how to gather data about the weather and present it using spread sheets. They are learning how to create a multimedia weather report.

In P.E. children are focusing on cricket and learning lots on new skills with our dedicated cricket coach. The other P.E topic is rounders; children are working hard to perfect their batting and fielding techniques.

Year 4 started the Summer term with lots of enthusiasm. They are really enjoying the new history topic on the Tudors. They are looking forward to learning all about Henry VIII and his many wives. They have decided he must have been a very ruthless man.

Aside from Tudor monarchs, children are going to find out what it must have been like to live during Tudor times and look at their housing, clothing and food. They will also find out about the important voyages of discovery made during this time.

They are also enthusiastic about the new science topic, which is all about electricity. Children will begin by building and testing circuits. They will then look at different types of switches and investigate conductors and insulators. They will then move onto exploring how sounds are made and set up comparative and fair tests.

The art topic focuses on portraits. Children will look at a range of famous portraits and discuss which ones they find appealing. They will then start work on their own portraits using a range of different media.

In computing, children will learn about Wiki pages and their uses. They will start work on their own page for Wiki Junior. They will learn how to edit texts, practise their research skills and collaborate to produce their own information sheet.