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We believe that every learner is entitled to a music curriculum which is rich, varied, challenging and inspiring.    In music, pupils are given opportunities to be actively involved in listening, composing and performing, across a broad range of musical styles and songs from different cultures and times. We employ a specialist music teacher to ensure that children are given expert teaching.  Our aim is to encourage and develop:

  • Enjoyment, enthusiasm, confidence, satisfaction and technical ability through practical involvement
  • An awareness and appreciation of organised patterns of sound
  • A critical, analytical, and a sensitive response to music
  • The capacity to express ideas and feelings through music
  • Skills in movement such as motor co-ordination and dexterity, vocal skills and skills in aural imagery
  • Different ways of representing sounds graphically and symbolically
  • An awareness of and understanding of traditions, styles and culture from other times and places
  • Social skills and awareness through music making together
  • Cross curricular links with other subjects, in particular literacy, numeracy and ICT as a tool for creating, manipulating and storing sounds.

KS2 children have the opportunity to have private instrumental lessons from visiting peripatetic teachers. Violin teaching is provided by Herts Music Service and wind and brass are offered by Musicale. For the past six years, all children in Year 3 learn the violin with Katy Wilmshurst as part of the First Access programme supplied by Herts Music Service. Many of the children have chosen to continue with violin lessons and in recent years our violinists have performed at Festival on the Field, the St Nicholas Christmas Tree festival and at the Hertfordshire Schools Gala concert in the Albert Hall.