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Physical Education is an important and valued part of the teaching and learning at Manland. The children are offered many opportunities to take part in a wide variety of PE activities across the school.


In line with our teaching and learning policy we believe that the PE curriculum should offer rich and varied opportunities to inspire all children to acquire, develop and apply a broad range of knowledge, understanding and skills. We want our children to:

  • develop competence to excel in a broad range of physical activities
  • be physically active for sustained periods of time
  • engage in competitive sports and activities
  • lead healthy, active lives

PE Curriculum

The Early Years promotes physical development as a prime area of learning. The children in Reception learn to change into their PE kits independently which can often be a physical challenge in itself! During adult-led and child-initiated learning times, there are many activities to develop fine motor skills (threading, play dough, cutting, drawing and writing) and gross motor skills (climbing, jumping, controlling a ball and hula hooping). These experiences lay a foundation for the skills children will build on throughout the school. In Key Stage 1, children take part in both inside and outside PE each week. A series of lessons allows children to plan, develop, perform, evaluate and improve skills in gym, dance and games. In Key Stage 2 children continue to build upon these skills and in addition learn through athletics and outdoor adventurous activities. Children are encourage to show a compeititve yet fair approach in their learning styles. Swimming is taught once a week at the local pool throughout year 3. Children acquire confidence in the water and develop the skills to swim using a variety of different strokes and life saving techniques.

We have a teaching assistant dedicated solely to support children and teachers within PE lessons. On occasion outside sports coaches offer their time to the school to assist the teaching and learning within PE lessons.

Ways you can help your child with PE

  • supply appropriate kit
  • encourage physical activity outside of school
  • sign up for school sports clubs
  • follow local or national sports teams

Extra Curricular Sport

Children at Manland are fortunate to be offered a wide selection of sports clubs during lunch time and after school. Our PE teaching assistant runs sports clubs for four days a week, which are aimed across all year groups to target a range of sporting skills. Teachers also run sports clubs throughout the year to encourage children to build upon team work and tactics within different games. Students from Sir John Lawes offer their support during some extra-curricular sports at Manland and help us to run sporting events throughout the year, such as sports day. We are also invited to sports festivals at SJL which are run by GCSE students.

Harpenden District Sports Association

Manland pupils attend a number of events organised by the Harpenden District Sports Association. Throughout the year Key Stage 2 children are offered the opportunity to attend clubs at Manland in order to prepare for the HDSA tournaments in cross country, tag rugby, chess, netball, football, rounders, kwik cricket and athletics. Points are awarded for participation and success at these events. There is a trophy (the Bonner Cup) that is awarded annually to the highest achieving small school in the district.  The Manland staff and children are very proud to have been awarded this trophy for the last four years! As well as the above tournaments, children in years 5 and 6 are invited to try out for the Manland football or netball team. These teams take part in a competitive league during the spring term, playing against other schools from the Harpenden district. The children are always very proud to represent Manland and the staff give of their time to ensure that the children have the opportunity to train and compete in these matches.