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Through the teaching of Geography at Manland we aim to develop children’s enthusiasm for both the natural and human world.  Through this subject we :-

  • stimulate pupils’ interest in their local surroundings as well as a knowledge and understanding of places in the world;
  • foster a sense of understanding about how we are interconnected and interdependent with other people and ecosystems around the world;
  • increase children’s knowledge of other cultures as well as developing pupils’ skills of critical enquiry
  • explore a variety of people, places and environments across the world;
  • enable children to know and understand environmental problems at a local, regional and global level;
  • encourage in children a commitment to sustainable development and an appreciation of what ‘global citizenship’ means.

Year 3 study the local Harpenden environment, showing our cross-curricular approach to learning:- literacy skills, art, D&T learning combined to produce an impressive display of their research.  Geography will be a focus for several year groups this term – revisit the site for further examples of our pupils’ hard work.