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Meteors – Year 3

Mr Brittin (Class Teacher)

Mrs Ebbs (Support Staff)

Summer 2020

The children have been working phenomenally on their home activities. They have shown a mature approach to their learning, and it is a delight to mark and see their work. In the last two weeks we have covered two types of poetry, a Haiku and a Limerick. Maths has seen us work with fractions. The children have been adding, subtracting and finding equivalent fractions.

I have seen a mixture of different exercise activities during P.E. lessons. Children have exercised to videos, gone on bike rides and been on daily walks. It is really good to see a range of activities and children being creative to stay fit and healthy.  Over the weeks, we have also produced some amazing art. It first started with the research of an artist, the research that has been produced has been amazing, and I have seen some really creative pieces of art. We will continue to look at the artists that have been researched and then we will create our own pieces of art in their style.

We also have a new History topic which is the Romans. We will look at how the Romans invaded Britain, the spread of the empire, what they built and brought to Britain and their gods and goddesses.