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Meteors – Year 3

Mr Brittin (Class Teacher)

Mrs Ebbs (Support Staff)

Spring 2020

In year 3 this term, we have been looking at how to include twists. Traditional tales have been one of key learning topics in literacy. We drew inspiration from our favourite traditional tales stories and look for similarities between them.  We have then been influenced by the twisted tale of The Pea and the Princess and have told the same traditional tales from a different point of view and then we added  a creative twist.

In maths we have studied and explored fractions. This started with creating our own fractions to finding fractions of amounts. We have also enjoyed adding and subtracting fractions.

We have had a busy term and have already started learning all about this term’s Geography topic of Europe. We have identified Europe as a continent and have used an atlas to locate the countries on a blank map, which we had to build together like a jigsaw.

In R.E we have been looking at the importance of the Lent for Christians, the Easter celebrations for Christians and the stories of Jesus. We look at their meaning and we checked and showed our own understanding through question hot seating, drama role-plays and new paper report writing. We have also looked at the importance of different religious texts and their leaders of religious service.

Autumn 2019

Meteors have settled in well with Year 3’s class routines. The children have made a fantastic start to Year 3 and they are looking forward to this term’s engaging topics and subjects. So far we have made our class rules, shared our talents and given ourselves targets for this Autumn term.

Swimming has been a firm favourite with all of the children. The children should be proud of their maturity, responsibility and care when at the pool.

We have thoroughly enjoyed reading, listening and writing a variety of the traditional fables from Aesop. We have focused on “The Boy Who Cried Wolf” and have adapted it to teach our own moral lesson. The children’s fables all feature 2 or 3 animal creatures that they created with menacing backgrounds and personalities.