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Meteors – Year 3

Mr Brittin (Class Teachers)

Ms Puri (Support Staff)

Autumn 2018

During this term in Year 3, it has been full of new topics. In English, after our successful performance poems that we performed to the class, we used David Wiesner’s book ‘Tuesday’ to write a non-chronological report on a fictional new species of frog – the Flying Frog! We looked at features of a news reports and non-chronological report and compared the two. Using our journalistic skills, we questioned witnesses to gather information about the frogs and then we used that information to turn into direct and reported speech. We then planned and produced our own non-chronological report using all of the features.

In Maths, we have been using a variety of techniques to help with mental addition and subtraction with place value methods, regrouping and compensating. We have used a variety of resources and have enjoyed using the virtual dienes to help to create an understanding of place value subtraction.

In Science after an engaging STEM week, we looked at how light travels and we had a mad Scientist come in and show us some wonderful experiments with light. Using out colour spectrum glasses, we were able to see the light spectrum all around the class and with fire!


We are also learning a new topic about forces and magnets and have been investigating pushing and pulling forces.

In topic, we have cooked sticky and gooey stewed fruit with ingredients that would have been available around prehistoric times. We have also researched about the Bronze and Iron Ages and have written an explanation of how metals were smelted.

In PE, we have been focusing on movement with our gymnastics routines. We have been moving in different ways and using different body shapes to help us. Swimming has also been a favourite with year 3 with everyone making great progress, learning and improving our strokes.

Year 3 have made a fantastic start to the year.  They have been getting to know the new class routines and developing their skills across the curriculum.  The children are enthusiastic and are working hard to show me their talents and interests.

We are looking forward to a Science workshop in the next few weeks and are beginning to learn how to speak in French!