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Meteors – Year 3

Miss Serrano (Class Teacher)

Autumn 2017

What a fantastic start to autumn so far!

We have been busy exploring figurative language through performing and writing our own action poems. We have also looked at stories with a moral and acted ‘The Hare and the Tortoise’ as well as contrasting fables such as ‘War and Peas’ to help us emphasise with different characters.

In Maths we have been securing our knowledge and understanding of place value and addition and subtraction by using concrete materials and working together collaboratively. It has been great listening to each other’s strategies to understand how to solve different number problems.

In Science we have been finding out all about light and shadows. We started off by exploring what makes light and dark shadows by testing different materials with a torch. We have also discussed sun safety and how we have day and night. We are looking forward to continuing our learning on shadows through more experiments and investigations this half term.

In French we are learning greetings and getting to know you, questions and answers. It has been fun learning songs and having conversations with each other using our new vocabulary.

In our topic, we have understood how different life was in pre-historic times! We have created our own Stone Age art using paints and clay. We have looked at different artefacts and used our own knowledge and deductions to decide what they might have been used for. We are looking forward to our class trip to the Celtic Harmony to learn even more fascinating facts about the past!

In RE and PSHE we have been looking at two different contrasting religions; Islam and Christianity and discussing how great it is that everyone has different beliefs and likes. We have also looked at how rules are part of our society in and outside of school and created our own class charter together as a class.

In PE we have loved our weekly swimming lessons!  We have also been very busy learning the skills to play the invasion game Tag Rugby. We understand how important it is to work as part of a team and how to react and think quick on our feet so our opponent cannot tag us.

We are working very hard to achieve our best and look forward to the rest of our learning in year 3!