Return to Classes

Mars – Year 1

Mrs Wright and Mrs Lawton (Class Teachers)

Miss Smith and Ms Branston (Support Staff)

Autumn 2018

Welcome to Year 1!

The children have settled into Mars Class with ease and are already familiar with their new routines.

Here are some of the things we have learned so far …

In English we have read ‘Plenty of Love to Go Round’ by Emma Chichester and have learned how to write labels and captions. We went on to read ‘Farmer Duck’ by Martin Waddell and learned about the beginning, middle and end of a story, the main characters and how to summarise a story.

In maths we have been learning how to use directional language and have discussed ordinal numbers. We have learned how to count a group of objects and how to find one more, and one less, than a number. We have also discussed how to ‘find the difference’ between two numbers.

Our Topic this term is ‘Homes and Buildings.’ In geography we have looked at where our school is located on a map. We have looked at aerial views of the local area and have discussed the location of our homes. We have created our own maps and have tried to use directional language when describing where things are located. Later this term we will be learning how to write our own address. In science we have been learning about all the different materials that things can be made from.

Summer 2018

Mars Class read the story, “Wow! Said The Owl.” We loved the bright illustrations and wanted to create our own. We mixed red, blue and yellow power paint to create the bright colours we needed to create pictures like the ones in the book.

In science, we have been learning about woodland animals. We did our own research about owls and used what we found out to write a report. We copied some of the facts out to go on our display. We had to write neatly. Can you see the labelled diagrams we drew to give our readers information that is easy to find?

“Owls are nocturnal and can fly at night. Their beaks are sharp so they can pick meat up. Owls have feathers and claws not toes.” – James

“Owls eat mice. Owls can carry small birds and baby birds. They are carnivores.” – George

“Did you know? Owls eat meat, mice, fish and rats? Did you know some owls live in barns?” – Dexter

This term our topic work stems from the question, “Are we nearly there yet?” We kick-started our learning by spending a day at the Victorian seaside courtesy of “History off the Page.” In the morning we created our train tickets; learnt about Victorian coins; made souvenirs and were trained to work in the café. By the afternoon we were ready to step back in time and imagine that we were Victorians, spending one of the first bank holiday’s ever at the seaside.

Emily wrote this great recount to tell her reader about her amazing day.

“Yesterday it was a bank holiday so me, mummy and daddy got on a steam train. I was so excited to go to the seaside with mummy and daddy but on the steam train it was very windy because of the steam so I holded on to my ticket. Then we got there. I got off the train. First I went to hook a duck. I crossed my fingers and I won. Next I got fish and chips. They were yummy. Then I bought a souvenir. It was a glass owl. After that I went to the café and got a cucumber sandwich and a biscuit. Finally I went to the private beach I made a sandcastle and I decorated it. As the sun went down we got back on the train and headed home.”

We all enjoyed our pretend Victorian holiday but some of the things that the children found particularly memorable were…

“My favourite part was doing the activities” – George O

“I liked it when I made my postcard” – Charlotte

“I liked it when I made a small box with shells on”. – Sophie

“I liked when I hooked a duck”. Dexter

Spring 2018

In Literacy we began the term by looking at narrative writing and studied the text The Last Noo Noo by Jill Murphy.  We really enjoyed this amusing text and focused on re-telling the beginning, middle and end of the story.  We then went on to study a poetry unit and have been enjoying composing our own poems, based on the examples we have been shown.

In topic we have been learning about what makes a healthy sandwich and how the different sandwich fillings can be categorised into food groups.  We have designed our own healthy sandwiches and have named them!  We will be writing instructions to make our sandwiches and this will focus on hygiene and safety.  Next half term we will make our own healthy sandwiches (and will eat them!)

In ICT we have looked at the illustrations used in traditional tales.  We focused on Little Red Riding Hood and became illustrators, designing a picture for each page of the book.  We will later put our illustrations together to form a class book.

Autumn 2017

Year 1 are looking forward to learning all about houses and their homes in their topic this term.  They will be describing and labelling their houses as well as telling their friends about where they live.  We will also be exploring the school grounds to find apples and making some tasty apple pies to eat.

In our English and Maths lessons, we have been building on what we have learnt in Reception and developing our skills further.  We have enjoyed using maths manipulatives to explain our thinking.

We are very excited about Christmas. We have worked hard to learn and perform a song in the nativity and within our Christingle assembly.  An elf has visited our classroom and has been up to lots of funny things!