We had an influx of scientists at Manland as children and staff fully embraced our STEM Week. Children were left wondering who all the inspiring scientists, designers and mathematicians were on the blue plaques around the school, as they spent the week researching them and trying to make their own discoveries through Science, Technology, Maths and Engineering activities.


Stars Class took part in a workshop based around the theme of hospitals with the children joining in activities to observe, explore and investigate their bodies and their senses.

Year 1

Mars class took part in a number of practical sorting, ‘feely bag’ and rubbish eating monster activities, to identify, compare and describe a variety of everyday materials and their physical properties.

Year 2

In pairs, Saturn Class carried out a number of ‘hands on’ activities to ask and answer a number of scientific questions. What are things made from? Why is one material better for the job than another? How do we decide which material to use?

They found out how the shapes of solid objects made from some materials can be changed by squashing, bending, twisting, and stretching, and explored how waterproof different materials were for the Three Little Pigs House.

Year 3

Using a Newton’s colour wheel that they built themselves, Year 3 proved that white light really is made up of all the colours of the rainbow.

Year 4

Year 4 enhanced their knowledge of phase changes and states of matter, when they witnessed the unique properties of dry ice and the ‘smoke’ it creates. They learned that dry ice is really frozen carbon dioxide and experienced the Mad Science burp, a display of bubbling potions.

Year 5

In a stretchy, slimy workshop, Year 5 explored, created and played with giant molecule chains called polymers to discover its many shapes and forms.

Year 6

The children were engrossed in entomology and the classification of insects. They found out that insects are arthropods and inspected insect specimens. They learned how insects adapt and examined insect defences and habitats.

Some year groups have written something about their week to give you an insight into some of the activities that went on across the school.

Year 3


Year 5


Year 6