Sandwell Charter Mark

Sandwell Wellbeing Charter Mark

In April 2019, Manland School was awarded the Sandwell Wellbeing Charter Mark. The Charter Mark stems from an identified need to develop and focus thinking around whole school approaches to promoting positive mental health and wellbeing. Engaging in this project demonstrates our dedication to addressing this need in an exciting and creative way.

The whole school approach contained multiple elements including:

  1. · An emotional health and Well-being audit linked to the Charter Mark
  2. · The development of an “action plan” to address gaps
  3. · Whole school survey to monitor pupil wellbeing

The process combined data about various aspects of the school as well as parent, staff, and pupil views. An online survey was used to collect staff views and three focus groups were used to explore the views of parents, KS1 pupils, and KS2 pupils.

In addition to highlighting improvements already seen, engaging in this process has provided us with clear direction on the key areas for potential future development.


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