Return to Classes

Saturn – Year 2

Miss Taylor and Mrs Shelton (Class Teachers)

Mrs Best (Support Staff)

Autumn 2017

Welcome Back!

We are really pleased with the way that the children have settled into the Year 2 routine and are focusing on their learning. The children have super positive attitudes and are all trying their best. The children have also discovered lots of new things that help us with our learning including, displays, practical resources and table mats which we are all making good use of.

We are also looking forward to our class topic ‘Towers and Turrets’.

Rights and Responsibilities

As part of getting to know our new routines and settling into our new class, we have been discussing our rights and responsibilities.  We came up with a list of rules that we thought would make our classroom a safe and happy place to learn.

All About Castles

In English, we have been writing non- fiction books about castles. We identified the features of a non-fiction book and enjoyed using QR codes to find out our own castle facts. We then turned our notes into sentences to create our own report books.

In our grammar learning, we have been working hard on using joining words to extend our sentences. The children were introduced to the word ‘Noun’ (person, place or thing) and used adjectives to create noun phrases. When writing our books, we used lots of noun phrases to describe different parts of the castle.

Queen’s Longest Reign

In history, we have been on a royal journey to explore the lives of queens in the past and present. We explored the lives of Queen Victoria, Queen Elizabeth II and Queen Elizabeth I to create non- fiction reports about the lives of ordinary people during each queen’s reign. We were very lucky to have a visit from Hertford Museum and we handled some real historical artefacts. We used these objects to create our own artefact timelines, to compare the way technology has changed over time. Did you know the heavier object the older it often is?

Part-Part Whole

In maths, we have been working with numbers to 100 to develop our understanding of place value, and using >, < and = to compare and order. We have discussed all the ways we can represent a number. We use practical resources such as base ten and tens frames. We have also been learning to use lots of other visual reminders and jottings such as a part-part whole picture to aid our learning.

In maths, we have also used a part-part whole and tens frames when adding and subtracting. We have learned to create four related number sentences, called a fact family. E.g. 20=17+3, 20=3+17, 20-3=17, 20-17= 3.

Signs and Symbols

In R.E. we have been learning to identify how belonging is expressed through religious symbols. We had a visit from All Saints Church to learn about the symbols associated with Christianity. We looked at the symbol of the cross and identified lots of crosses on the crown jewels. We also found out about other Christian symbols including water as the sign of life, candles as reminder that Jesus is the light of the world, and bread and wine as a reminder of Jesus’ body and blood.  We look forward to a visit to the church to find out more about Christians do in church later in the year.