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Saturn – Year 2

Miss Taylor and Mrs Shelton (Class Teachers)

Mrs Best (Support Staff)

Summer 2017

Australia, here we come!

This term we have had lots of fun learning about Australia.

Aboriginal Art

In our lessons, we have been creating some beautiful Aboriginal art using a range of symbols and patterns. We developed our colour mixing skills to create a variety of natural earth colours seen in nature.

How kangaroos got their tails

In English, we had great fun creating our own creation stories in the style of an Australian dreamtime story and Tinga Tinga Tales. We read our stories to our Year 5 buddies and the feedback was fantastic!

How do kangaroos grow?

Following our story writing, we got busy researching how a kangaroo grows. We used Microsoft Word to create a flow chart explaining the process from baby to advanced joey.

Plant Hunters

In Science, we have been comparing animals based on what they look like and where they live. We went on a minibeast hunt to find out whether to find out whether the same animals live in different places.  We then looked at how animals adapt to their habitat and why they might live in a particular place.

Winding Up

In Design and Technology, we have been exploring winding mechanisms. We created a design to pull a koala up a tree. We loved the chance to welcome our parents into class and share in our learning too. They helped us with a range of activities including sawing axles, painting backgrounds and cutting leaves.