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Saturn – Year 2

Miss Taylor and Mrs Shelton (Class Teachers)

Mrs Youngs, Mrs Butler (Teaching Assistants)

Spring Term 2017

Fire! Fire!

This term we have had lots of fun learning about The Great Fire of London.

Great Fire of London Day

We had a wonderful day when we stepped back in time to experience life in 1666. Through a combination of role play, practical and hands on activities we took on the role of workers and residents of London on Monday 3rd September 1666. We dug up artefacts, created our own medicine, made candles and many more exciting things! 

Bread Baking

The children loved having the experience of making (and eating!) their own bread as part of our Great Fire of London Topic. They practised measuring ingredients, mixing and kneading dough. Then they designed their own bread, flavoured the dough and moulded it into various shapes. 

How to make….

Following our fun bread baking, we wrote a set of instructions for a class recipe book including a range of layout and language features. See if you can spot an introduction, sub heading, top tip, adverbs, sentence openers or bossy verbs.

Dear Diary

During our English lessons, we learnt about Samuel Pepys’ diary. We wrote our own diary entries as if we were in London in 1666. We used noun phrases and precise verbs to describe the events.

Computer Programmers

In our computing lessons, we used Scratch to program our own characters (such as a horse) to escape the Fire of London. We painted our own London background and then gave instructions for our character to follow.

Big Schools’ Birdwatch

Earlier on in the term we took part in the Birdwatch Fortnight by collecting data about how many birds we could find in the school environment. We used our observation skills to search for a variety of familiar birds before recording our data on a tally chart.

Church Visit

In our R.E. learning, we took a trip to our local church to learn more about what happens there and to look at the different features of the church and how they are used in religious worship. We loved taking part in a treasure hunt spotting the different church features such as the font, lectern and pulpit and then explaining what they are used for.

Easter Cards

We had a go at paper weaving to create these lovely Easter Egg cards for our family.

Autumn Term 2016

We have had a brilliant start to Year 2. All the children have settled quickly and are focusing really well on their activities. We have already discovered lots of things in our classroom that help us with our learning including working walls, practical and table resources which we are making good use of.

We are also looking forward to lots of fun and interesting projects coming up this term including our learning based around the topic ‘Turrets and Tiaras’.

All About Castles

In English, we kicked off the topic by writing non fiction books about castles. We were introduced to words called ‘nouns’ and worked as a group to identify different parts of the castle.

We went on to identify the common features of a non fiction book such as title, heading, caption and set about planning our own books. We spent some time researching and gathering our ‘expert knowledge’ and we really enjoyed using QR codes to locate and explore different castle websites.

We then turned our notes into sentences that used conjunctions (joining words) to explain what we had found out. Finally we shared our finished books with our learning partner and together decided on the best bits that met aspects of our learning objective.

Queen’s Longest Reign

On the 9th September 2015 Queen Elizabeth II became the longest reigning monarch. We learned that in England the tradition has been that the eldest son of the ruling family becomes monarch so we pretended the oldest boy and girl in the class would be crowned king and queen for the day.

In history we went on a royal journey to explore the lives of queens in the past and present. We explored the lives of Queen Victoria, Queen Elizabeth II and Queen Elizabeth I to create fact files about them, as well as finding out about the lives of ordinary people during their reigns.

Once upon a time……

Inspired by our focus on kings and queens, we began by focusing on traditional tales in our English lessons. We read and watched different versions of Jack and the Beanstalk and then set about planning our own versions of the story. We explored the characters through drama, and wrote our own descriptions of the giant remembering to use noun phrases in our work. We had great fun creating and recording our own animated giants on the iPads to bring our descriptions alive!

Ciao Manland

We really enjoyed speaking some Italian on European Day of Languages. Mrs Montgomery shared her knowledge and love of the language with us, and we found out how easy Italian is to learn. By the end of the afternoon we could say hello, count to 10 and identify lots of animals.