Return to Classes

Saturn – Year 2

Miss Taylor and Mrs Shorthouse (Class Teachers)

Mrs Talley, Mrs Hill and Mrs Castellani (Support Staff)

Autumn 2019

It has been a busy first few weeks in Year 2 and the children have made a fantastic start. They are learning through exploration and discovery, taking more ownership of their learning.

We began by reminding ourselves of the Manland Values. We have created our own class charter and worked in groups to decide what rules we would introduce to make Saturn Class a safe and happy place. We then enjoyed a variety of activities to practise these. Ask your child if they can remember all the rules?

In maths, we have been looking at number and place value. We used different resources to explore how numbers are made from combinations of tens and ones and we went on to explore how numbers can be regrouped in different ways but still have the same total. We then used different representations to show the value of each digit in 2 numbers.  We used dienes, money, whole and part, part models.

We are now reviewing a range of concepts and calculation strategies covered in Year 1, using the numbers to 20. The skill of regrouping numbers to support calculation over ten has been practised, and we enjoyed using manipulatives and working collaboratively together to model our calculations.

We are also enjoying our new English unit which is based on the book ‘Voices in the Park’ by Anthony Browne. We have shared our own experiences of trips out and about, recording the activities we enjoy using commas in lists. We have used past tense verbs to help us write a recount of a park trip. We have built on our understanding of great sentence openers to sequence our ideas and adjectives to describe a setting. You can help with your child’s understanding by drawing attention to these features during reading.

In science. we will be finding out about materials. We will sort materials and use material properties to compare their suitability for different uses. We are really looking forward to devising an experiment to determine the best material with which to make a waterproof crown and we are excited to get investigating.

The children are enthusiastic about our Turrets and Tiaras topic and delving into the lives and times of some famous Queens of England. The children are keen to share their knowledge. We know already know;

·         Buckingham House once stood on the site where Buckingham Palace stands today.

·         George IV turned Buckingham House into a Palace.

·         People may receive a birthday message from the Queen on their 100th birthday.

So far, we have created a timeline of British Monarchs, used a range of historical artefacts to research what life was like during the reign of Queen Victoria, and we are looking forward to our class trip to Chiltern Open Air Museum.

It has been a pleasure to welcome your children into Year 2 and to begin the next stage in their learning journey. We look forward to working with parents and carers to help the children to achieve their full potential in all areas.

The Year 2 Team