Return to Classes

Saturn – Year 2

Miss Taylor and Mrs Fox (Class Teachers)

Mrs Castellani, Mrs Upton and Miss Hayes (Support Staff)

Spring 2020

This term has already been full lots of lots of great ‘hands on’ learning and Year 2 are enjoying their topic.

London’s Burning

In history, we have been learning about the Great Fire of London and the children particularly enjoyed our workshop day. Our hall was transformed into Pudding Lane, with stalls where the children could try out various activities such as baking bread and mixing herbs for the apothecary. Some children even became rat catchers in order to stem the spread of the Plague. It was a wonderful interactive and fun day full of learning. Using parts of the story and other sources, the children showed they understood the key features of this event and where it fitted within our historical timeline.

Learning Together

Back in class and with their enthusiasm sparked, the children found out more about the key features of Stuart London. We welcomed parents and carers for an afternoon of shared learning where we planned and built our Tudor houses.

Dear Diary

In English, we used a variety of sources including diaries, pictures, films and stories to discuss characters and features of life during the Great Fire. We went on to use our senses and drama to explore characters actions and emotions. The children were then inspired to plan and write their own diary and versions of events. The children’s diaries featured a range of noun phrases, similes and conjunctions to explain the events as they unfolded. They are also working hard on using a range of punctuation within their work.

Starry Night

We have also been working hard to complete our Van Gogh inspired artwork. Using different media and mixing paint colours to investigate tones, we worked on adding movement to our work. We used curves, swirls, dashed and circles to create a fiery night sky.

‘Array’ for Maths!

In maths, we have had a busy half term full of doubling, halving and multiplication. We began by exploring how objects can be arranged in equal groups, and how the number of groups and the size of the groups can be described with repeated addition and multiplication calculations. We have started to learn our two and ten times tables and have explored how, in a multiplication, the factors can appear in either order and the product remains the same. We have used a range of models including number lines, arrays and part-part wholes to show our ideas.

Next half term we are linking our new skills to division and continuing our work with arrays.


In computing, we used Scratch Junior to learn the basics of programming.  We had great fun painting our own Fire of London background and creating algorithms to control our sprite. We learned to debug these programs when something went wrong. We also talked about e-safety and how to stay safe online, creating our own comic strips.

Autumn 2019

It has been a wonderful term filled with many amazing learning experiences for Saturn Class to enjoy.

In History, we have been delving into the lives and times of some famous Queens of England and enjoyed a fantastic trip to Chiltern Open Air Museum. The children explored the museum’s collection of homes and buildings; they made their own candle and experienced a 1940s wash day. The children gained a real insight into what life was life was like during this time and returned to school fully inspired to create their own washday recount.

In English, we have been focusing on traditional tales, and used Rapunzel in Beth Woolvin’s version of the tale to inspire our writing on characters and settings.

The children generated plenty of amazing adjectives to create their own character descriptions and they used conjunctions to build detailed and interesting work.

To help us generate vocabulary we took part in drama activities which all the children thoroughly enjoyed. Finally, we watched a video clip of when Rapunzel escaped from the tower and went into the forest. Throughout the week we collected vocabulary to describe how the girl was feeling, noun phrases to describe what she could see and used our senses to think about what was around her. We then wrote diary entries as if we were Rapunzel. The diary entries were so interesting, and all the children used great language throughout.

In Maths, we have been learning some efficient calculation strategies. The skill of regrouping numbers to support calculation of one and two numbers has been practised, and we enjoyed using manipulatives and working collaboratively to model our calculations. We have also been using our favourite number “10” to regroup numbers when adding and subtracting. Recently, we have been using bar models to identify missing numbers and think about whether to use + or – to find our missing numbers.

In our art lessons, the children used royal portraits as the inspiration for their learning. Using lines of different thicknesses, they created observational sketches of Queen Elizabeth II. Then inspired by the work of Andy Warhol, we all went Pop Art crazy! Using contrasting colours and repeated images the children created their our own self portraits. The creations were absolutely outstanding.

In science, the children have been busy learning about materials and took part in a ‘hands on’ workshop. They sorted materials and used material properties to compare their suitability for different uses. The children explored how waterproof different materials are and delighted in using their own water squirter to test the materials. They then used their knowledge to apply a waterproof layer to their name and test it.

Many thanks to all the parents and carers who volunteered to help on our enrichment days throughout the term.