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Year 2

Mrs Kemp and Ms Shorthouse (Class Teachers)

Mrs Tant and Mrs Best (Support Staff)

Summer 2020

In Saturn Class, the children have continued to work incredibly hard on all their home learning. We have loved seeing the work they have been producing at home and it has been a pleasure to share more of their wonderful achievements and golden moments.

The children have been producing some superb writing and it have been a delight to see their creativity shine through in a range of their writing projects. We had fun creating poetry based on the poem ‘Into the Blue’ by Hilda Offen. We used adjectives and similes to describe an aerial view of our location and generated precise verbs to describe the moment our balloons burst and we tumbled to the ground.

The children have also produced some excellent cross curricular writing linked to our history and geography learning. They wrote some fantastic Amy Johnson diaries and facts files.  They wrote setting descriptions of the Great Barrier Reef, and a kenning poem using two word phrases about the creatures that lurk beneath the waves.

In history we have learned about the life of Amy Johnson. We used historical artefacts and online sources to investigate her momentous flight from England to Australia.

In maths we have used standard measures to measure mass , temperature and volume.  More recently, we have been working hard on reading time to 5 minute intervals and working out durations of time.

We have undertaken a range of art and D&T projects this half term. The children produced some stunning windmills with a turning mechanism, some delicious minibeast snacks, a range of beautiful aboriginal art and some 3D sculptures using minibeasts as their inspiration.

A highlight for all our Virtual Sports Day and it was fantastic to see so many children lace up their trainers and get involved. Plenty of fun was had in the ultimate challenge, the obstacle race and certificates were awarded for the most creative, the longest and inventive courses.

As the end of term draws near, the children have begun to reflect of the year- their memories and new things they have learned to do or about themselves.

We are so proud of the children and all that they have achieved.

Whilst school has been closed, the children in Year 2 have been working hard and keeping their brains active, producing some excellent work around our topic: Australia Here We come.

In Geography, Saturn have started learning about the location of Australia and its geography in the world. They have been identifying its landmarks and features using maps and globes. Here are some fantastic, detailed maps of the continents of the world, and Australia created by the children.

Our Art topic on Australian art is proving popular. The children particularly enjoyed using earth colours inspired from the Australian landscape to create some colourful paper weavings. Look at their beautiful designs.

The children are enthusiastic about their new science topic, learning about animals and their habitats. They will be learning how different habitats provide for the basic needs of different kinds of animals and plants. At home, the children have been busy finding and identifying things that are living, dead and have never been alive.

The children have clearly been using their time to brush up on their computing skills, creating some incredible paintings based on some work by famous artists. Can you name the artists? Can you identify the tools they have used?

In Maths, the children have been learning to recognise, name and write fractions of a length, shape or amount.

The children have produced some work to be proud of and we are really impressed with their explanations to prove their ideas.

Whilst, at home, the children have found some fun ways of keeping fit. These include playing tennis, going for bike rides, building bug houses and daily P.E. with Joe Wicks.