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Saturn – Year 2

Miss Taylor and Mrs Shelton (Class Teachers)

Mrs Best (Support Staff)

Spring 2018

Great Fire of London Day

We had a wonderful day when we stepped back in time to experience life in 1666. Through a combination of role play, practical and hands on activities we took on the role of workers and residents of London on Monday 3rd September 1666. We dug up artefacts, created our own medicine, made candles and many more exciting things!

Autumn 2017

Addition and Subtraction

After half term, we have been busy securing our knowledge of addition and subtraction methods by using practical resources to model our learning.

Skeleton Shapes

We have begun to understand the properties of 3D shapes. Our challenge was to identify the 3D shapes from clues given, concentrating on the shapes edges and vertices.

Growing Up

In Science, we have been learning to recognise changes that take place as animals grow older. Some of us produced a class project on human development. We are very proud of our wonderful learning!


Royal Research

Royal Portraiture

In Art, we used royal portraits as the inspiration for our learning. We developed our observational skills when sketching and painting the Queen. We mastered the techniques of drawing lines of different thicknesses, showing texture and pattern in our art. We practised the skills of colour mixing and created a variety of tones to use in our final painting. We welcomed our parents and grandparents in to class and enjoyed sharing an afternoon’s learning with them.

Successful Leaners

In PSHE, we have discussed what makes a good learner. We worked in groups to share and discuss our ideas.

We have really enjoyed our first term in Year 2 and look forward to new challenges next term.