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Saturn – Year 2

Miss Taylor and Mrs Paganuzzi (Class Teachers)

Mrs Best, Mrs Ward, Mrs Talley and Mrs Weston (Support Staff)

Spring 2019

London’s Burning

This term got off to a roaring start when we had the opportunity for some great hands on learning. Through a combination of role play and practical activities we took on the role of workers in a Fire of London workshop. We were transported back to the streets of Stuart London and as we carried our trades, we started to learn about the events of the Great Fire.

Back in class and with our enthusiasm sparked, we found out more about the key features of Stuart London. We wrote a factual description and created images of Tudor buildings using a restricted palette. Using sources that were significant in explaining what happened, we were inspired to write our own diary account of the fire as part of our cross curricular writing.

Here’s what else we have been learning this term…..

In art, we used the work of Van Gogh as inspiration for our work. We created our own fire paintings in the style of this artist. We developed ideas and techniques in using colour, pattern, texture and line.

In computing, we used Scratch Junior to learn the basics of programming.  We had great fun painting our own Fire of London background and creating algorithms to control our sprite. We learned to debug these programs when something went wrong. We also talked about e-safety and how to stay safe online, creating our own comic strips.

In Design and Technology, Saturn class worked really hard to think about what would make a successful bread roll and which flavour combinations would work well together. They made, shaped, baked and ate their delicious rolls. Once they had evaluated their bread, they had the opportunity to write their own recipe using imperative verbs and time openers.

In R.E. we learned about the different ways of giving thanks to God. We explored artefacts from different religions and how they are used in prayer and worship.  All of this work was enhanced by our visit to All Saints Church where the children learned about what Christians do in church. We took part in a treasure hunt identifying the signs, symbols and artefacts used in daily worship.

The children, parents and grandparents had a wonderful afternoon sharing and learning together in the classroom. They created Tudor houses which we joined together to make their own Tudor Street. We have also enjoyed sharing and listening to each other’s home learning projects. It has been wonderful to share in the children’s passion for our topic learning.

In other areas of the curriculum: in science we learned about health and growth; had fun singing rounds in music and in P.E. created short dance movements inspired by the Fire of London.

What an exciting and varied learning journey we have taken this term!

Autumn 2018

Towers and Tiaras

What a fantastic start to Autumn!

The children have adapted well to the new expectations and routines and we are delighted with the way in which they have settled in. They are already busy and hard at work!

In maths we have been reviewing a range of concepts and calculation strategies covered in Year 1, using the numbers to 20. We began by estimating numbers on an empty number track and it has been great listening to each other’s reasoning language to explain number positions. The skill of regrouping (partitioning) numbers to support calculation over ten has been practised, and we enjoyed using manipulatives and working collaboratively together to model our calculations.

We are also enjoying our new English unit which is based on the book ‘Voices in the Park’ by Anthony Browne. We have shared our own experiences of trips out and about, recording the activities we enjoy using commas in lists. We have used past tense verbs to help us write our own personal recount of a park trip. We have built on our understanding of great sentence openers to sequence our ideas and adjectives to describe a setting. You can help with your child’s understanding by drawing attention to these features during reading.

In science we will be finding out about materials. We will sort materials and use material properties to compare their suitability for different uses. We are really looking forward to devising an experiment to determine the best material with which to make a waterproof crown and we are excited to get investigating.

In topic we will be delving into the lives and times of some famous queens of England. These are the some of the ideas we have so far:

Some kings and queens live in castles.

They meet other important people.

They give out special awards.

Henry VIII was very greedy.

They send letters to people when they reach 100.

Queen Elizabeth II is the Queen of England.

We will be exploring what life was like and the changes that occurred during each queen’s reign. We are looking forward to our class trip to Chiltern Open Air Museum to learn more about life during different eras.

What a busy half term it has been!

We have been really impressed with all the home work projects that the children have brought in this term.  The work was both detailed and informative and the children have loved sharing their work with the rest of the class.

As part of our work on traditional tales, the Year 2 children have been busy creating hand puppets in Design and Technology. Before creating their own puppets, the children learned how to sew seams using different types of stitches and found out which stitch would make the strongest seam. Then, having spent a whole morning making their puppets, the afternoon was spent learning how to bring their puppets to life. The children created movements and voices for their puppets and took turns to present their own stories to the rest of the class.

In P.E. we have really enjoyed learning new hockey skills, and are beginning to play real matches. We have been practising our dribbling skills, learning to use all the space on the playground and perfecting our aiming and passing skills.

A highlight of the term, has been our infant nativity, and what a magnificent production the children produced for us! The children really showed off their performing skills. They had learned their lines and the direction on stage perfectly, sang the songs beautifully and remembered all the actions. We couldn’t be more proud of all the children!

Alongside performing, the children have also enjoyed learning about other winter festivals! We had a visit from All Saints Church to find out ‘Why Christmas matters to Christians’. The children learned about why Christians give gifts at Christmas and thought about their own invisible gift to the world. Then whilst learning about another winter festival, Hanukkah, the children have had lots of fun making their own Menorah.

Finally, we made and ate, gingerbread biscuits. They were very popular and tasty. We kept watch but happily none ran away!