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Pegasus – Year 4

Mrs Paganuzzi and Mrs Shorthouse (Class Teacher)

Mrs Gourlay  (Support Staff)

Summer 2019

It’s been an exciting start to the summer term in Year 4. Despite a little rain, Pegasus class visited Batford Springs this week to enhance their learning of their topic on rivers. They learnt some very interesting facts about the River Lea and even did an experiment to find out how fast the river was flowing. The children thoroughly enjoyed looking at different creatures that live in the river and using a key to identify them.

They will also be having their marble jar treat this week. The children chose to watch a movie and wear their pyjamas.

For our next topic the children will be travelling back to the 15th Century to learn all about how people lived in Tudor Times and the famous monarchs of this time. As part of the children’s learning the children will visit Hatfield House and experience for themselves what it was like to live in Tudor times. We will send out more details about this soon!

In maths the children will begin the term with reading, writing and converting times between analogue and digital 12 and 24 hour clocks. They will also solve problems involving calculating time duration. Our first English unit will look at stories with a theme and this will be based around the stories of Bill’s New Frock and ‘Journey to Jo’burg’.

The children are already excited about Science this term, which is all about electricity. We are also very lucky to have some cricket coaches visiting our school for 6 weeks of sessions.

Spring 2019

It’s been a busy and exciting term in Year 4! Pegasus class have been enthusiastically rehearsing for their Easter assembly. They are very excited to perform their beautiful singing and show off their acting skills to their families and the rest of the school. I’m sure they will be amazing!

In English the children have looked at stories set in imaginative worlds, including the fabulous story of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. They impressed us with their own stories where their characters were teleported to an imaginary world! Following this, the children have learned about persuasive techniques and produced a piece of writing to persuade someone to visit a chosen destination, which they also presented to the class. To finish off the term the children will be reading the magical story of ‘Leon and the Place Between. They will be putting their imaginations into action again writing about their own ‘Place Between’.

The children have worked very hard in Maths learning about adding and subtracting fractions, identifying equivalent fractions and finding fractions of quantities. They have also been practising their times table recall and applying this to multiplying and dividing larger numbers.

We are very lucky to have our own wonderful wildlife area at school. As part of our Science topic the children put their wellies on and went on a living things hunt. They really enjoyed this! They have been learning about why it is important to classify living things and how they are classified. The children have even been creating their own branching databases to classify different animals.

During topic, the children have been learning about Rivers and their features. They have looked at Rivers around the world. They have also focused on our local river, the River Lea, researching its source and mouth.

Pegasus children love to use the computers and have used the iPads and laptops to complete research. As part of their computer lessons they have designed a prototype for an interactive toy and have been learning to use ‘Scratch’ to show how the toy is interactive.

Pegasus have had a great start to the new calendar year. The class are really enjoying the new topic, the Mayans. It is great to see so many children doing their own research at home.

In literacy we are looking at play scripts. The children are enjoying reading out passages from Alice in Wonderland and looking forward to writing play scripts of their own.

In maths they are working hard learning about decimals and fractions.

Autumn 2018

Pegasus have had a fantastic start to the year. They are finding out about Solids, liquids and gases. They have taken part in some exciting hands on experiments.

The children are really enthusiastic about the Anglo Saxons topic and many children have already completed their topics and are keen to show what they have learnt. So far they have made brooches and discovered how warriors were armed.

Basketball is proving popular and children are making great progress with their ball skills.