Return to Classes

Pegasus – Year 4

Mrs Paganuzzi and Mrs Kemp (Class Teachers)

Mrs Gourlay  (Support Staff)

Summer 2020

Year 4 have continued to work really hard at home and it’s been a pleasure to see all of the work they have been doing. In maths, pupils have been working hard to interpret data from graphs, using all 4 operations to solve problems and estimating values of money.

The pupils’ work in PSHE has been amazing and the mindfulness spaces that were created were beautiful, calm and peaceful. We know where we’d like to be. We’re pleased to see so many varied PE activities being explored, such as fencing, walking, bike rides, dance, football and assault courses. We hope you can continue these over the summer.

It’s also been brilliant to work with the bubbles, 4a and 4b in school!

Earlier on in the term, in English, Year 4 have been busy working on explanation texts. They have watched Wallace and Gromit’s inventions for inspiration and designed various labour saving devices for busy parents.

In Maths we have been learning how to make a whole, writing, comparing and ordering decimal numbers. We have been impressed with the work we have seen and the pupils have a secure understanding of this.

In Science, pupils have been preparing an interview or writing biographies about the scientist Carl Linnaeus. We are now beginning to explore sound and pupils will be carrying out investigations around their homes.

In History we have started the Tudors, starting with placing this era on a timeline. There is lots to learn, notably about the larger than life character Henry V111 and his wives. Children will also be learning what it would have been like to live during this period.

In RE we have been reading various sacred stories. Children will think about what messages the stories give us. In art children are practising their sketching skills and sketching what they can see from their windows.