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Aquila – Year 6


Mr Yeldham (Class Teacher)

Mrs Johnston (Teaching Assistant)

Mrs Roy (LSA)

Spring 2017

Year 6 visited St Albans Fire Station to receive a range of safety talks from the ‘Crucial Crew’. The children learnt about how to react to antisocial behaviour, the dangers of playing or texting by the road, different potential safety risks within the home as well as learning about the important role of the Samaritans.

The children were a credit to the school and came away with many new ideas about how to keep themselves and others safe.

Autumn 2016

After a fantastic start at Caythorpe the children have been working hard on developing their team skills and learning about the responsibilities that Year 6 brings. 

PGL @ Caythorpe Court

This year the class of 2016 went on a trip to Caythorpe Court. The main reason we go on this trip so early in the year is so that the class can bond. Almost every activity the class did involved team work. It was crucial that you trusted everyone in the class, as they may end up helping you in the next activity, whether that be climbing or canoeing. By the end of Caythorpe we had developed a strong feeling of togetherness.

During the climbing activities, many of the pupils from Manland at first were very nervous but soon, with the support and encouragement from their classmates and group leaders, the majority of them were able to conker their fears and do the activities.

Mr Yeldham and Miss Smith trusted Aquila class to do kayaking, for most of us this was a new experience. This activity involved lots of encouragement, as some of Aquila were a bit nervous at first. Kayaking was a big part of the trip to Caythorpe Court as it took up a whole morning. This was one of Aquila’s favourite activities. The coaches were very supportive and one of the catchphrases of ‘Swimmer’ really caught on. This was said when a kayaker fell into the water and most people did, so it was very funny. However, the water was very cold so, although it was funny, it was not our favourite part.

Archery was a fun activity and lots and lots of pupils thought it was a really challenging, but cool time. There was a target at the end of the firing range and the best score you could get was 10. Not everyone managed to hit this but we really enjoyed our archery session anyway as well as our time at Caythorpe Court.

For more photos from our week at Caythorpe please see the Gallery page.

Sports Leaders

This week the Year 6 children have been learning how to become effective sports leaders. They have learnt how to play games involving team building skills and games that encourage communication and cooperation. They have also had the opportunity to devise their own activities which they will soon be putting to use with the KS1 children during break times.

We are looking forward to learning more about Biomes in Geography, Buddhism in R.E. and continuing our work based on the children’s book ‘Skellig’.