Return to Classes

Aquila – Year 6

Mr Yeldham and Mr Comer (Class Teachers)

Mrs Johnston, Mrs MacFarlane, Miss Blackwell and Mrs Upton (Support Staff)

Spring 2020

This term has been as busy and exciting as the last. Following on from our WWII day, the children have been busily engaging in a wealth of cross-curricular activities. Having studied the work of LS Lowry the children created paintings depicting inner-city life during the Blitz as well as creating war-themed images used charcoal and pencil. Having completed our class book ‘Friend or Foe’ by Michael Morpurgo, the children debated the moral complexities of the story and wrote diary entries from the perspective of the lead character, David.

The children also had the opportunity to read genuine newspaper reports of the Blitz and composed two separate newspaper articles – one reporting the outbreak of war, the other reporting on the devastation of London bombing raids. We also looked at a variety of war-time propaganda and the children used their HTML and CSS coding skills to build their own web pages with an important war time message. Lastly, the children studied images of spitfires and created their own models using papier mache.

The children returned to school after the Christmas holidays full of enthusiasm for their new class topic of WWII. We have already started the term with a visit from History Off the Page, where the children experienced life as WWII era school children as well as learning about essential daily routines such as Air Raid drills. The afternoon was spent learning about the old British money system and about the limitations of rationing when shopping in a typical British village. The children learnt about the life of an evacuee and how children prepared for war at Manland school shortly after it had first opened its doors!

We will be building on this experience through the term, writing newspapers, diaries, debates and stories all linked to events in the war. The children will also be creating a range of images in Art linked to WWII using shading and blending skills and will create web pages linked to WWII propaganda. We hope you are also able to join us on Friday 24th January for Year 6’s final class assembly.

Autumn 2019

Year 6 enjoyed a fantastic trip to a local Buddhist monastery. The children watched the monks and nuns chanting before claiming the food offerings in their alms bowls; they had a tour around the monastery grounds, including a visit to the Stupa and the main temple; they had the opportunity to ask questions to a resident monk and the day was rounded off with a meditation/well-being session. The children set an excellent example and found the day to be a unique and enlightening experience!

The children have made an excellent start to the new academic year and much of our first week was spent exploring the differences of being in Year 6 and looking at all of the exciting opportunities and responsibilities that await them. The children have made an impressive start to their English work and are thoroughly engrossed in our new class book, Skellig by David Almond, which we are using to develop our descriptive writing.

The children are also beginning to learn about the exciting world of genetics and evolution in science lessons and, again, will be using their knowledge in this area to inform a number of extended pieces of writing in class.

Year 6 searched high and low across the school field, in the wildlife area and in the quad to find various foods that could be used for their cooking this term. The children made flapjacks that used apples from a number of trees as well as a smattering of mixed berries.

Year 6 enjoyed an active and creative Parents Afternoon, where they applied their learning about evolution to develop new organisms and then craft them out of clay.