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Aquila – Year 6

Mr Yeldham (Class Teacher)

Mrs Johnston (Support Staff)

Spring 2018

This term Year 6 enjoyed a visit from History Off the Page. They spent the morning experiencing life in a 1940s classroom, running through their air raid and gas mask drills and learning how to add pounds, shillings and pence. In the afternoon the children were able to role play life in a war time village, buying and selling common goods, checking their rations and keeping an eye out for a local spy!  The children had an excellent day and the experiences will help inform a range of further work this term.

Autumn 2017

After a really focused start to the school year, the Year 6 children enjoyed an excellent team building opportunity when they visited Caythorpe Court PGL site. The children took part in outdoor and adventurous activities that included abseiling, quad biking, fencing, raft building and a variety of climbing activities.

Many of the PGL staff commented on the politeness of the children.

The children remained enthusiastic all week (despite the odd bit of rain) and many really pushed themselves to overcome and exceed their own personal targets.

Year 6 put the carrots and beetroot that had been grown by our gardening club to good use. We found an old WWII recipe to create beetroot and carrot cup cakes. The children were surprised by how good they tasted!

Thank you to all the hard work put in by the Gardening Club to grow and harvest the ingredients.
Year 6 have worked hard on creating an incredible range of topic projects. Biomes of the world have been successfully explored using detailed Power Points, represented in collage and modelling – we have even had a faithful Lego recreation of a Biome!