Return to Classes

Year 6

Ms Russon (Class Teacher)

Mrs Upton (Support Staff)

Spring 2021

Year 6 have had a great Spring term so far, even though we have not all been together in person. I have been hugely impressed with the dedication and maturity they have shown towards their learning. They have really taken ownership of challenging themselves and I am confident that this will be a real asset to them when they move to secondary school.

In maths, we have multiplied and divided fractions, including answering problems based on real life situations. After securing our understanding of percentages, the children have moved on to tackle algebra. Their ability to form equations and understand 2-step equations has demonstrated how adept they have become at breaking questions down and using the inverse operation to check their answers.

Moving on to science, I am so pleased that many children have carried out the investigations when learning about the circulatory system and our new topic on light. I am sure they will enjoy the experiments as we return to school.

In English, we have written atmospheric pieces set in Victorian London, using Sherlock Holmes stories as a stimulus. The whole class have worked hard on using different sentence structures and on developing ways to engage the reader.

Our history topic has seen us immersing ourselves in ancient Chinese Shang Dynasty. After learning about the societal structure, we looked at religious beliefs and the life of Fu Hao. Our art flowed from this as the class researched Chinese artists, practised brush strokes and created their own original artworks.

Thank you to all of you for providing such wonderful support whilst the children have been learning at home. I am very proud of everything they have achieved.

Autumn 2020

It has wonderful to have the class back in school full time! They have arrived full of enthusiasm and curiosity and have already applied both of these to our learning. We may have only been back for a few days but they have already impressed everyone with their willingness to get stuck in to new learning, their recall of what we learned in Year 5 and also their mature attitude. What an excellent start to the new school year.

In maths we have started our work on place value, answering questions and extending our learning by thinking of extra questions to challenge our partners. In English, we have started our focus text, Skellig, and will be working on descriptive pieces. We will work up to longer pieces of independent writing based on the same authorial style. The children have been using their skills to critique pieces of art and soon we will be creating our own, inspired by our geography topic, using a variety of different mediums. Science begins on Wednesday and we are looking forward to learning about how to classify plants and animals. You will find out more about our learning this term on the curriculum planner and please get in touch if you have any questions.