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Aquila – Year 6

Mr Yeldham and Mr Comer (Class Teachers)

Mrs Johnston, Mrs MacFarlane and Miss Draper (Support Staff)

Autumn 2019

The children have made an excellent start to the new academic year and much of our first week was spent exploring the differences of being in Year 6 and looking at all of the exciting opportunities and responsibilities that await them. The children have made an impressive start to their English work and are thoroughly engrossed in our new class book, Skellig by David Almond, which we are using to develop our descriptive writing.

The children are also beginning to learn about the exciting world of genetics and evolution in science lessons and, again, will be using their knowledge in this area to inform a number of extended pieces of writing in class.

Year 6 searched high and low across the school field, in the wildlife area and in the quad to find various foods that could be used for their cooking this term. The children made flapjacks that used apples from a number of trees as well as a smattering of mixed berries.

Year 6 enjoyed an active and creative Parents Afternoon, where they applied their learning about evolution to develop new organisms and then craft them out of clay.