Week beginning: 7th June 2021

What a brilliant start to our final half-term. The children have really thrown themselves into our ‘Seaside’ topic, and we enjoyed reading ‘The Storm Whale’ by Benji Davies. We enjoyed hearing how Noi rescued the beached whale, and took it home to live in the bath. The children discussed how the whale must be missing his family and the sea, and luckily Noi and his father returned him to the ocean. We wrote speech bubbles, imagining what Noi might have said to the whale when he first saw him beached on the sand. In Maths we have been enjoying learning about halving. First we explored halving with objects and shapes, and noticed that both halves had to be the same size, and together they made a whole. We then moved on to halving a quantity, taking care to make sure both halves were the same size.  In phonics we have been reading and writing words with consonant blends, and of course recapping the phase three sounds. In PSED lessons, we have been talking about our amazing bodies, labelling the different parts and exploring some of their functions. ‘We’d be wobbly without our skeleton, like an octopus,’ explained Iris. ‘I don’t like the muscles, they look gross!’ said Eric B.  ‘My brain tells my body what to do,’ said Leo.  

Next week is a busy one! We will be continuing to focus on the seaside, and will be looking at ‘The beach scene’ by Edgar Degas, talking about life in the past and comparing it to our current experiences. We will be learning about capacity, using words like empty, half-full, full and overflowing, then ordering objects by capacity. We will be learning to read polysyllable words, like chimpanzee, by breaking them into chunks (eg. chim-pan-zee). We will be talking about why our Dads are special and what we like to do with them. 

On Friday we will be having our seaside day! We are very excited and have everything crossed for good weather. Thank you to Cali and Connor’s parents for letting us borrow paddling pools for the day. Please make sure you read the letter the night before, to check you have everything you need. 

As it is our final half-term we will be talking about changes, and thinking about our move to year one. This can obviously bring up a range of feelings, and we will do our best to provide plenty of opportunities for discussions and visits to see the year one classroom. As soon as we know who the year one teacher will be, we will let you know. If you have any concerns or questions, please catch me after school, or send an email to admin, who will forward it on. 

A huge thank you to everyone who donated a book via our amazon wish list. I can’t tell you how much it is appreciated, and wished you were here to see the excitement on Stars class faces when new books arrived. It has really promoted a love of reading and we hope that this will continue for years to come. We’ve added more books to our wish list, should you wish to donate further. Don’t forget to send the link to grandparents, aunts and uncles, they might like to donate too!

Next week is Miss Choudhury’s final week in Stars. She has successfully completed her teacher training placement and is looking forward to starting her teaching career at a school in St.Albans. I know the children have enjoyed her lessons and will miss her very much. I’m sure you’ll join me in saying a huge ‘Well done’ and wish her the very best in her future career. 

Enjoy the beautiful weather and have a restful weekend.

Miss George & the Stars team