Art Days

Art Days

On Monday 2nd and Tuesday 3rd July the whole school took part in “Art Days”. Children were asked to take part in a drawing or sketching activity and many children enjoyed the “take your pencil for a walk” activity. Some children drew their life story as a series of pictures and sketches.

Later in the day each class focused on their own artist and took part in activities inspired by the work of that artist. The artists included Frieda Kahlo, Kandinsky, Miro and Klee.

Activities include self portraits inspired by Frieda Kahlos’s paintings, pattern making in the style of Kandinsky. Year 3 created beautiful painting using different techniques inspired by the work of Miro. Year 5 created gorgeous paintings that focused on the collage effect of Klee’s work.

On the second day each class was able to choose their own art activity, year 5 M made models for gaming devices or animal figures. Year 2 made giant collages out gold and silver materials.

Work created by each year group is displayed around the school so visitors can see the great number of talented artists that we have at Manland.

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