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Stars – Reception

Mrs Waller and Mrs Munro (Class Teachers)

Ms Brougham, Mrs Hill (Support Staff)

Summer 2017

Stars have had some great topic ideas for this term and have helped to shape a range of learning experiences for the class.  Some of their topics have included Dinosaurs, Animals and Space.  We have dug for dinosaur fossils, run our own pet shop and even fitted in a trip to the moon! The children have planted their own tomato seeds during their child initiated learning and are enjoying watching them grow.  They enjoyed learning about their body parts in Science and have practised turn taking within group games, such as “Operation”.   

Our school trip to Woodside Animal farm was a fantastic day out for all of the children.  They enjoyed seeing the animals, going on a tractor ride and holding some of the pets in the “Hands on Animal Encounters” section of the day.  They were excited about stroking a snake, feeling the softness of a chinchilla and of course seeing a baby chick. 

The children have learnt so much over the year and should be very proud of their achievements.  Here are a few examples of their learning which the children are keen to share with others.