Return to Classes

Stars – Reception

Miss George (Class Teacher)

Ms Brougham, Mrs Hose and Miss Branston (Support Staff)

Spring 2020

Welcome back everyone!  We are excited to start our ‘Traditional Tales’ topic, focussing on ‘The Gingerbread man’ story.  We read the story, acting it out and joining in the repeated phrases.  The Gingerbread man was no where to be seen, but luckily Miss George showed us a video of him running away in our classroom.  We looked everywhere but couldn’t find him.  The next day we started to receive postcards from Gingy from all across the UK.  We tracked where he had visited on a world map, and soon we were receiving postcards from all over the world, including France, Australia and India.  I wonder where else he might travel in the next few weeks?  We have been talking about the different countries Gingy has visited.  Some children thought that perhaps he has gone to Australia to help put out the big bush fires – what an excellent idea!

We will be creating our own Gingerbread Man stories, changing the characters and thinking about alternative endings.   We will be remembering that good writers sound out words, apply finger spaces and full stops and can read back what they have written.

We have also enjoyed our Forest school session, searching in the woods for hidden objects and recording our findings in ways we can explain.  Some children wrote numerals, drew pictures or recorded with tallies.  We have also started to get changed for PE and visit the hall for our sessions.  We will be working on developing our core strength, balancing and co-ordination skills through gym, such as holding a crab pose or balancing on one leg for a few seconds.  Many of the children have enjoyed accessing our woodwork area, using hammers and screw drivers to join materials to create their models.  All of the children know how to use these tools safely and they have made some fantastic creations.

Autumn 2019

What a lovely start to the new school year we have had in Stars class!  It has been an absolute pleasure to get to know our new starters and they have done so well.  The children have picked up the school routines quickly, they have made new friends and perhaps most importantly, they have had lots of fun!

We have kicked off the school year with a topic about Elmer and have enjoyed listening to Elmer stories.  We have talked about how he is different to his friends and related that to ourselves. We looked closely at colours and patterns and created our own Elmer elephants.

Following Elmer we have enjoyed looking at Julia Donaldson books, especially The Gruffalo. We acted out the story, labelled the characters and made Gruffalo crumble. It was delicious! We have enjoyed exploring our wildlife area, searching for signs of Autumn and clambering through the woods. Fortunately we didn’t bump into any Gruffalos on the way.

Our topics follow the children’s interests and next half-term we already have lots of ideas, including owls, food, celebrations, pirates, Numberjacks and funny stories. Look out for the weekly newsletter for more information!