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Mercury – Year 5

Mrs Paganuzzi and Mrs Wright (Class Teachers)

Mrs Tant, Mrs Castenelli, Mrs MacFarlane and Mrs Ward (Support Staff)

Summer 2018

Mercury are looking forward to an exciting term. The highlight will be going to Shortenills. Activities there will include pond dipping, orienteering and team building. It will be a great experience for everyone.

Our topics this term include mountains which will be covered in geography lessons. In art children will be looking at various artists who depicted mountain scenery and focus on different painting and drawing techniques. In DT children will practice their sewing techniques when they design and make a drawstring bag.

We will be enjoying PE lessons outside and benefitting from a specialist PE coach to teach athletics.

Spring 2018

Mercury class has a fun-packed term ahead! In particular, we are looking forward to our Bikeability training later on in January which will teach us all about road sense and safety.  In maths we are moving on to division and fractions and in English we are starting the term with suspense and mystery writing.  Our topic will be Ancient Greece and we will be looking at what it was like to live through these times and how this ancient society shaped generations to come. The children will also make clay vases inspired by Greek designs.

Year 5 have really enjoyed their learning about the Ancient Greeks. There were many different opinions on whether it would have been better to be an Athenian or a Spartan. They were keen to hear all about the Battle of Marathon, especially how the small army of Athenians were able to defeat the Persians with their clever tactics.

Our DT topic was linked to our work on the Ancient Greeks. Children made clay vases inspired by Greek pottery. They started by making their own designs after looking the design of vases throughout history. Children then thought of how they could be decorated and chose their own patterns based on Grecian ideas. Lastly the finished vases were painted in suitable colours, the end results were very successful.

Autumn 2017

Year 5 have had a great start to the year. Children have really enjoyed learning about the Victorians. We have learnt about Victorian inventions, prisons, workhouses and much more in our history lessons. The Victorian projects children brought in were of a very high standard and everyone learnt a lot when children shared their knowledge.

In DT children have made moving toys using cams, and in art made Victorian silhouettes. These took a lot of careful work and careful cutting out. We were all pleased with the results.

Next term we will be looking at the work of William Morris in art.