Return to Classes

Mercury – Year 5

Ms Russon (Class Teacher)

Mrs Ebbs, Mrs Hose and Mrs MacFarlane  (Support Staff)

Spring 2019

I’d like to wish the children and all parents and carers a warm welcome back after the holidays. The autumn term was busy and productive and the children produced some excellent work based on their learning. They really enjoyed our history topic on the ancient Greeks and this fed through into their English work based on The Odyssey. We had a great time with ‘History off the Page’ and learned lots about life in Ancient Greece, including the structure of society.

This term we start new topics in History and Science. We will be focused on life in Victorian Britain, with a particular focus on the lives of children. In Science we will continue to carry out investigations to bring the topic of ‘forces’ to life. Our first genre in English will be mystery and suspense stories and I look forward to reading the spooky stories that the children are sure to scare me with. Curriculum planners will be sent out shortly so that you can see a complete overview of the work that we will be completing this term.

Autumn 2018

Welcome back to the new school year. Mercury Class have returned in fine form and we have already completed some excellent learning. You should have received a curriculum planner that details what we will covering throughout the first term.

It was great to see many of your at the recent meet the teacher session. If you were unable to attend, you should have received a pack that included a list of suggested reading and maths games to help the children embed their understanding.

We are all looking forward to our class assembly on Friday and hope to see you there. The children are very proud to share their learning with you all. We also have an ancient Greek History off the Page day on Thursday 27th September. I look forward to sharing some photos of the day with you.