Return to Classes

Mercury – Year 5

Ms Russon (Class Teacher)

Mrs Tant and Mrs Patel (Support Staff)

Spring 2020

Welcome back to the spring term. It is a short one but we plan to get lots done. The children have made a great start to our new English topic, mystery and suspense, and have been trying to scare me with their spooky stories. We will continue with this before moving on to persuasive writing.

In maths, we have started our learning about fractions. We have been looking for equivalent fractions and will soon move on to adding, subtracting and multiplying fractions with the same and different denominators.

We are working on forces in science and will be carrying out practical activities to see them in action. They include gravity, air resistance and water resistance.

Autumn 2019

After a busy autumn term in Mercury class, we are starting to feel festive. The children created some beautiful decorations for the hallways and they have all made a Christingle. Our learning continues and in English, we have been writing explanation texts and instructions; making clear distinctions between the two. In maths, the children have done brilliantly with formal methods of division and are now expressing remainders as fractions and decimals. We have moved onto a new geography topic and are currently comparing Greece to the U.K. Thank you all for your support this term. I hope you all have a great Christmas break and I look forward to an exciting and successful spring term.