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School Council

“Without a School Council, teachers wouldn’t know how we feel and think” Emma, Year 6
“We represent the whole school” Rosie, Year 5
“It makes the school a better place” Daniel, Year 5
“We feel we can make a difference” Poppy, Year 3


Our school council is a democratically elected group of pupils from each of our classes.  Each Councillor is elected at the beginning of the year by their peers. The role of the councillor is to work collectively with both peers and adults to make the school the best possible place to learn.  Our meetings provide an opportunity for the children to talk about life in the school and discuss ways we could enhance school life further. Amongst other things, we

  • organise charity events,
  • carry out pupil questionnaires,
  • work on joint projects with the Eco-Committee,
  • make suggestions for school improvements.

We have had a busy start to the 2022/2023 academic year. Fourteen councillors from Reception to Year 6 have been selected. They are a very proactive and enthusiastic group!

Our School Council meet on a weekly basis. In these meetings we discuss different ways to improve and raise money for our school. Following which we communicate our activities to our own classes.

Alongside the tough job of judging the recent HSA Coronation Bake Sale, the school council have been busy canvassing their classmates about their aspirations for the future.  The results were fascinating, with many children hoping to become teachers, footballers, police officers, pilots, doctors and vets.  We even have some pupils who are aiming to represent their country at an Olympic level! 

Other pupils are aspiring to be designers, small business owners, bankers, animators, zoologists and computer programmers.  A career in arts was also popular, with many pupils hoping to become authors, singers and actors.  It was clear that our pupils have high aspirations for their future – we wish all of you the best of luck following your dreams!  

The School Council have also recently made bees as part of Manland’s BeeSafe online safety campaign.

In January, school councillors decided to organise a fundraising toy sale and will be speaking to their class about it.  The council will be asking the children to bring in any unwanted items to the school hall.  Children will be encouraged to bring in dolls, figures, teddies, arts and crafts, games and all good quality toys.  The message will be going into the newsletter and the posters that they created will be on display around the school.

Towards the end of the Autumn term, we made Christingles for our upcoming church service. 

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