Manland Special Award


It was a real pleasure to award the Headteacher’s Special Award this week to Poppy H in Year 6. Poppy continues to be a model pupil in her efforts to support others across the school and, in particular, one child in her class. Her patience and selflessness in ensuring that children are included and socially engaged has been noted by her classmates, lunchtime staff, playtime staff, her class teacher and the Headteacher. Well done Poppy!

The Home School Association (HSA)

The HSA were presented with the Manland Special Award, in recognition of their phenomenal fundraising efforts. Through a varied and innovative programme of events, which in the process enrich our school community, they have contributed to projects both large and small across the school. These include, ducklings for Stars Class to hatch and raise, new class rugs for Stars and Mars, a new online library system, new playground bins and equipment and most recently the marvellous new outdoor play area for Key Stage 1.

Alongside regular events, such as the upcoming Easter Egg hunt and annual Year 6 celebrations, their contributions help enhance the children’s time at school in so many ways. In the near future, the HSA are helping to fund the revamping of the gazebo in the quad, to make it a sensory learning environment. We are so grateful for all the hard work of the HSA members. Without the funds they raise, the school would not be able to afford these items, which make such a big difference to all of our pupils.


Fred was presented with the Manland Special Award for showing resilience and determination with extending his writing; showing amazing perseverance in an area of the curriculum that represented a personal challenge. It is always a pleasure to present this award and especially when it marks real progress in areas of personal development.


Ethan richly deserves to receive the Manland Award. Over his time in Year 4 he has consistently and quietly applied himself to his learning in a way that is an inspiration to others. All of the adults that work with him are impressed by his focus and the way that he responds positively to feedback.

He always takes on board the comments he receives and works really hard to improve his work independently. As a result, he has made excellent progress in all subjects. He enjoys a challenge in both Maths and English and enthusiastically shares his achievements with his teacher. His responses in our guided reading sessions are a joy to listen to as they always include thoughtful comments about both characters and how the story will develop. His unprompted improvements to an author’s writing was a recent highlight.

Ethan is unfailingly polite to all members of staff and is a kind and thoughtful member of the class. He has a great sense of humour and is a real pleasure to teach. I hope that this award will make Ethan as proud of his achievements as his teacher is of them. Well done Ethan for working so diligently and having such a successful year.


Zachary has been awarded the Manland Special Award for his efforts in and around school.  He has been trying really hard with his learning in different lessons and has been demonstrating perseverance.  His teachers and the staff around the school are thrilled to see Zachary’s hard work and hope he is proud of this award.


Josh exemplifies all of our Manland values all the time in a quiet and modest way.  He works hard in every single lesson, trying his best and even when he has done well, never feels that the learning has come to an end.  He is a very good friend and has recently been a particularly supportive learning partner.  Josh has a really strong understanding of people’s feelings and shows this in the sensitive way he behaves when other children are having a tricky time. He is an excellent role model and should be very proud of the mature and kind way in which he conducts himself, of his positive attitude towards learning and his strong sense of responsibility


Daniel has worked hard as a member of the School Council, attending meetings and helping organise various events at school. He comes to find out when the meetings are and will help to organise events in his own time. He has been ready to share his work with this group and takes his role seriously. Daniel always works hard in class and perseveres even when faced with a challenging task. His entry in the 500 words story competition earned him a place as a runner up. He is always helpful, kind and considerate and a very trustworthy member of his class. Well done Daniel you are a credit to yourself and to Manland.


We are delighted to report that Gigi in Meteors has been chosen for the Manland Special Award for her amazing attitude to learning.  Gigi demonstrates resilience and determination on a daily basis – never giving up, no matter how hard she finds the challenge. She shows the same respect to all grown ups who help her on her learning journey – from her teacher, to her classroom assistant, to parent helpers in school. Gigi is always willing to try different approaches to help her achieve her learning goals and more recently has done exceptionally well at succeeding with her ‘minute challenges’. With the help of her grown ups at home, Gigi continues her learning outside school and even during the school holidays.  Congratulations Gigi on this fabulous achievement.