Week beginning 9.3.20


Welcome to our new online class blog.  Here we will be sharing our learning and achievements, plus letting you know about next weeks activities and upcoming events.  We will be encouraging the children to contribute to the blog and hope to share lots of photos and videos of our learning journey.  Where appropriate I will also be adding links to online games for children to access at home.

This week has been a busy one.  We have continued to learn our dragon story by heart, created beautiful dragon art work using oil pastels and brusho dye paint and have been exploring doubling with objects.  Next week we will be talking about Mother’s day, continuing to explore doubling and getting ready for our class assembly.  In phonics we will be learning the trigraphs ‘ear’ and ‘air’, and the digraph ‘er’.

‘We’ve been learning to count on,’ says Anna.

‘Learning about queens and knights.  Knights have shields and armour,’ says Joshua.

‘Castles have arrow slits.  Kings and Queens and Knights shoot arrows through them, but enemies can’t,’ says Jude.

Next week…

Friday @ 9.05 – Stars Class Assembly

Friday afternoon – Stars Royal Ball (Please bring outfits in a bag so we can get changed in the afternoon.  This could be a King, Queen, Knight, Dragon or part outfit).