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Venus – Year 4

Mrs Wright, Mrs Parrott & Mrs Bhandal (Class Teachers)

Mrs Francois (Teaching Assistant)

Mrs Baudot, Mrs Ward, Mrs MacFarlane, Mr Weekes (LSAs)

Summer 2017

The children in Venus class have thoroughly enjoyed learning about Henry V111 this term. As well as learning lots of interesting facts about life in Tudor times from pictures and paintings, the children have used clay to make a Tudor goblet. First the children practised the pinch pot and coiling techniques and they then decided which technique they wanted to use to make a goblet.

The children have also being practising their drawing and shading skills by creating the matching half to a portrait of themselves. They then used portraits of the Tudor family to practise their colour mixing and painting skills.

To end the topic, we have spent the day visiting the royal palace at Hatfield House where we met ‘Henry V111’ and his courtiers. The children have made notes and taken photos so that they can now create a promotional PowerPoint to persuade people to visit Hatfield  House and its grounds.

Autumn 2016

This term in history, Venus class have been learning about the Ancient Maya civilization. We were all excited to have a visit from a real Archaeologist who has spent many years studying the Ancient Maya. She brought along many artefacts for us to look at and we had the chance to ask and answer many questions. We are looking forward to sharing some of our new learning in our class assembly.

In Science we have been learning about how materials can change state. We have had great fun investigating ice cubes as well as carrying out an investigation to find the best location for water to evaporate.