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Taurus – Year 5

Mrs Bevan and Mrs Wright (Class Teachers)

Mrs Ebbs, Mrs Way and Mrs Patel (Support Staff)

Summer 2018

In Taurus Class we are reflecting on a successful year and looking forward to the next few weeks of learning.

Just before half term, we went on our residential trip to Shortenills where we enjoyed a range of activities and were extremely lucky with the weather! We had a lot of fun around the campfire on the first night after exploring the site through orienteering earlier in the day. The children worked fantastically well in their teams. On our full day we did a long walk and used our map reading skills and in the afternoon found a very interesting range of invertebrates in the Shortenills ponds. We took some of them back to the classroom to identify and used the microscopes to examine them in more detail. We finished our visit with team-building activities. The children all coped brilliantly with being away from home and worked really co-operatively with each other during all the outdoor learning. Well done to everyone!

Since being back to school, we have started preparing for our end of year performance and also thinking about up-coming sports events including our school sports day. We have been continuing to work hard in the classroom and the children have written some excellent newspaper reports based on their trip to Shortenills. These are on display in the classroom and demonstrate how well our extended writing has come on.

Taurus Class are looking forward to an exciting summer term.  Just before half term we go to Shortenills for three days of outdoor learning and team building.  The learning will support our studies on life cycles in science and map-reading in Geography.  We will be basing some of our writing around the trip after we get back!  Later in the term we will have the Year 5 and 6 performance to look forward to as well as a range of sports activities.

We have started our English learning this term with a focus on the legend of Robin Hood and this will help us to develop our narrative writing skills.  In maths we have been working on translation, reflection and perimeter and are moving on to problem-solving in a range of contexts.

Spring 2018

Taurus class has a fun-packed term ahead! In particular, we are looking forward to our Bikeability training later on in January which will teach us all about road sense and safety.  In maths we are moving on to division and fractions and in English we are starting the term with suspense and mystery writing.  Our topic will be Ancient Greece and we will be looking at what it was like to live through these times and how this ancient society shaped generations to come. The children will also make clay vases inspired by Greek designs.

Year 5 have really enjoyed their learning about the Ancient Greeks. There were many different opinions on whether it would have been better to be an Athenian or a Spartan. They were keen to hear all about the Battle of Marathon, especially how the small army of Athenians were able to defeat the Persians with their clever tactics.

Our DT topic was linked to our work on the Ancient Greeks. Children made clay vases inspired by Greek pottery. They started by making their own designs after looking the design of vases throughout history. Children then thought of how they could be decorated and chose their own patterns based on Grecian ideas. Lastly the finished vases were painted in suitable colours, the end results were very successful.

Autumn 2017

Taurus class have had a very busy start to the Autumn term. We have enjoyed finding out about Victorian Harpenden and reading Black Beauty, as well as producing some Victorian-style silhouette portraits! In science, we have been investigating forces and measuring gravity using Newton meters.

We have done lots of work on keeping safe online and parents were welcome to spend an afternoon with us learning about e-safety. Excite-ed informed us how to use apps to make sure that we are secure and safe at all times.

Here are some photos of our sequences in gymnastics. We are working with partners to explore balancing and movements incorporating the different parts of the body.

Taurus Class have been writing some super cinquains! They chose the form they wanted to use and picked a subject that inspired them.  Their fantastic poems are now up in the library.