Traffic light motivation and marble jar reward system

We use the ‘marble jar’ system as a positive reflection of whole class achievements.  Each class is encouraged to work as a team to gain enough marbles to fill the jar.  Once the jar is completely full, the class democratically decide upon a reward through a vote.

We have also introduced an individual sanction system, which incorporates a four-step tiered approach – ‘Traffic light system’. Initially all children are at the first stage which indicates good behaviour and good attitudes to work.  The second stage is a warning; the third stage is a more serious warning and might include being sent to work in another class. Finally children might be sent to the Head teacher and parent / carers informed as necessary.  At all points the children can work their way back through the stages.  If necessary stages can be missed.  A pictorial representation of the stages is displayed in all classes.

Governors Merit Award

The Manland ethos is centred upon our belief that:

In everything we do we strive to promote a strong sense of community and belonging in which everyone is equally valued.

The Governors at Manland will be giving a merit award, each half term, to a child whose everyday contribution to our school truly promotes our school ethos.

Special Effort Cup

In February 2010 we were delighted to receive a very special trophy from one of our past families. Elana, Liam and Neve and their parents were always enthusiastic about, and appreciative of, their experiences at Manland and asked us if there was ‘something’ they could give back to the school.

The ‘Special Effort’ trophy will be awarded to one child each week, who has been identified as making an extra special effort in some way, usually over a period of time; this could be academic, personal or socially based. The trophy will be awarded on a Wednesday and can be taken home by the child who receives it, to be returned to school on the following Monday. We would like to say thank you to the Walker Family for their thoughtful gift and look forward to giving out the cup every week.