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e have an extensive range of clubs available for the children at Manland.  These are run during lunch times and after school.   The clubs are run to appeal to the children’s interests, add further enrichment to different areas of the curriculum and to help support the children in their learning.

School clubs for this term are detailed below. Once children have joined a club they are expected to attend regularly and should bring a note in if they are at school but unable to attend the club. Some of the clubs have a maximum number, but we will endeavour to ensure that children will be offered one of their choices. Reserve lists will be populated if required.

Summer Term 2019

All clubs will commence the week beginning Monday 29th April 2019 and will end on Friday 12th July 2019.

Name of Club Day Year Group Time Run by Cost
Spanish Monday Years R to Year 5 Various External £7/class – Contact
Summer Sports Monday Years 3 and 4 3.15-4.15 Game On £10 voluntary contribution (cheque to Manland Primary School)
Kwik Cricket Monday Years 5 and 6  3.15-4.15 Mrs Booth Free
Gardening Monday Years 4 and 5 12.30-1.00 Mr and Mrs White Free
Summer Sports Tuesday Years 1 and 2 3.15-4.15 Game On £10 voluntary contribution (cheque to Manland Primary School)
Hockey Tuesday Years 3-6  3.15-4.15 External £35/term (cheque to Manland Primary School)
Chess Tuesday Years 5 and 6 12.30-1.00 Ms Russon Free
Rounders Tuesday Years 5 and 6 3.15-4.15 Mrs Booth Free
Art Tuesday Years 3 and 4  12.30-1.00 Mrs Tant/Mrs Way Free
Ukulele Tuesday Years 2-6 3.15-4.15 Mr Tees £60/term (cheque to Manland Primary School)
Top Trumps Tuesday Years 2 and 3 12.30-1.00 Miss Taylor Free
Singing Wednesday Years 1-3 12.30-1.00 Mrs Barker Free
Mandarin Wednesday Years R, 1 and 2 3.15-4.00 External Contact
Lego Thursday Years R and 1 12.30-1.00 Miss George Free
Athletics Thursday Years 5 and 6 3.15-4.15 Mrs Booth/Mr Brittin Free
Cricket Thursday Years 3 and 4 3.15-4.15 External £55 (cheque to Luke Heskett or email for bank details)
Athletics Friday Years 3 and 4  3.15-4.15 Mrs Booth Free
Cricket Friday Years 1 and 2  3.15-4.15 External £55 (cheque to Luke Heskett or email for bank details)
Scratch iPads Friday Years 4-6 12.30-1.00 Mr Comer Free

If the club takes place after school you need to make arrangements to collect your child, sign a permission slip allowing the child to walk home or book them into our Time Out club.