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School Development Plan


Manland Primary School

School Development Plan September 2017-18



Actions Proposed Outcomes

Priority area 1: Effectiveness of leadership and management

Actions: Safeguarding
Ø  To adopt the new SCR template, ensure it is kept up to date and monitored robustly by governors  


Safeguarding is effective – all statutory Safeguarding requirements are met and that a culture of Safeguarding is embedded throughout the school

Ø  To ensure all existing and new governors have 2 references
Ø  To keep all staff up to date with Safeguarding arrangements, systems, policies and procedures
Ø  To improve site security (see separate plan)
Actions: British and Manland Values
Ø  To continue to develop a strong pupil council to enable pupil voice to be heard  



British values and pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development are at the heart of the school’s work

Ø  Introduce pupil conferencing to hear views of pupils and provide support where necessary
Ø  To continue to recognise and celebrate success of each other
Ø  To develop more opportunities for pupils to find out about different cultures and beliefs
Actions: Performance Management
Ø  To set challenging targets for all staff  


There will be an effective performance management cycle across the school, enabling leaders to hold sufficient accountability

Ø  To provide an effective CPD programme for all and measure its effectiveness
Ø  To ensure a robust assessment and monitoring cycle is in place
Actions: Disadvantaged pupils
Ø  To continue to provide high quality intervention and support, specific to the needs of each individual child

Leaders and governors ensure that diminishing differences between disadvantaged and non-disadvantaged pupils is evident

Actions: Broad and balanced curriculum
Ø  To develop the website to showcase our curriculum and provide more information and signposts for families  





Through our curriculum pupils’ are supported to acquire knowledge, understanding and skills in all aspects of their education

Ø  To develop non-core curriculum to provide more core-curriculum links with a specific focus on writing across the curriculum
Ø  To investigate the progression of skills across non-core subjects and to ensure that all pupils are being challenged
Ø  To focus on developing skills (rather than content) during non-core curriculum subjects
Ø  To offer a wide range of afterschool clubs to enhance opportunities for all
Priority area 2: Outcomes for pupils
Actions: Progress and attainment
Ø  To plan effective in house and local moderation with a range of teachers (CPD for teachers)

90% of pupils to make expected progress from their starting point in year group

35% of pupils to make accelerated progress from their starting point in year group and from previous key stage

To diminish the difference in progress between different groups

85% of pupils to be working at ARE across EYFS, KS1 &KS2

To diminish the difference between the attainment and progress of disadvantaged and non- disadvantaged pupils


Ø  To provide continuing CPD for teaching assistants to develop and enhance their skills, enabling them to provide more effective next step support for pupils


Ø  To continue to provide effective intervention and develop a more effective way of measuring impact to ensure the best outcomes and rates of progress
Ø  To develop ‘home learning’ so that leaders are confident that it is purposeful and effective at consolidating, moving pupils on or pre-learning to support pupils in lessons
Ø  Leaders to develop clear understanding of standards and progress within their team / subject and use this to support staff
Priority area 3: Quality of teaching, learning & assessment
Ø  To develop the feedback we provide for children to ensure; consistency and effectiveness at moving learning on quickly  


Teachers are highly effective and have maximum impact on ensuring the progress and attainment of all pupils


Ø  For teachers to have high expectations to ensure pupils’ learning moves on quickly
Ø  For teachers to develop and embed challenge for all pupils from all starting points
Priority area 4: Personal development, behaviour and welfare
Ø  To produce, implement and embed our new behaviour policy  



Pupils have a ‘well rounded’ approach to their lifestyle, safety conduct and attitude



Ø  To evaluate how our curriculum prepares children for the next stage of their education and adult life
Ø  To ensure pupils have an excellent understanding of keeping themselves safe online
Ø  To promote healthy lifestyles and to ensure that children can articulate how to keep healthy
Priority 5: Early Years Foundation Stage
Ø  To build on the current strengths of the EYFS team to continue our pursuit of excellence  

Pupils in the EYFS will continue to make excellent progress and strive in all areas of their learning

Ø  To increase our GLD to 83% and to continue to embed accelerated progress