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What is a Governor?

If you would like to speak with a Governor, please leave your details at the school office.

Governors are unpaid volunteers nominated and appointed for four-year terms by the school staff, parents, local authority or fellow governors.

The governing body’s main role is to establish a strategic framework for the school and to regularly review the progress made. Governors act as a ‘Critical Friend’ to the school, working in partnership with the head, senior leadership team and other school stakeholders to help provide the best possible education for all our pupils, including those with special educational needs. This is achieved by:

  • Determining the school’s values, ethos and strategic aims
  • Agreeing plans and policies
  • Holding senior leaders to account by monitoring relevant data and feedback on the school’s performance, acting as a critical friend to support and challenge.
  • Reviewing and monitoring the curriculum
  • Approving and monitoring the school’s budget, including the expenditure of the pupil premium funding, ensuring that resources are used effectively and provide impact
  • Maintaining the fabric of the school
  • Appointing staff and agreeing pay recommendations

Categories of Governor

  • Local Authority (LA) Governor – nominated by the LA and appointed by the Governing Body.
  • Parent Governors – are elected by and from the parents.
  • Only one staff governor allowed now elected by staff.
  • Co-opted governors are appointed by the governing body and are people who, in the opinion of the governing body, have the skills required to contribute to the effective governance and success of the school.


The responsibilities of the Governing body are shared between two committees, each with a specific responsibility: School Improvement – dealing with curriculum and standards and Resources – dealing with finance, personnel and premises. In addition, sub committees meet as and when the need arises: Head’s Performance Review, Discipline, Exclusions and Complaints. All committees report back to the main Governing body, which meets twice a term, preceded by meetings of each of the committees.

Link Governors

Link Governors are those who have been assigned a specific focus in areas of the curriculum or school life. The role of the Link Governor is to:

  • Take an interest in and gain a more detailed knowledge of their appointed area
  • Know what is contained in the School Improvement Plan (SIP) for their subject
  • Be involved in the review of the SIP for their area and to be part of the planning process
  • Aid the governing body in its critical friend role by asking questions about progress and challenging appropriately about attainment in their area
  • Report back at agreed intervals, either to the appropriate committee or the full governing body
  • Work in full partnership with the headteacher and senior leadership team to achieve results.

List of Governors

Member Committee Term of office starts FGB meetings attendance

Sept 16/17*

Committee attendance

Sep 16/17

Local Authority Appointee:
Mrs Katy Wilmshurst SIC Extended to 19/12/17 SIC: 4 of 5
Elected Parents
Mr Gareth Antcliff SIC 4 yrs
9 of 11 SIC: 3 of 5
Mr Barker (term ended 6/5/17) SIC 4 yrs
7 of 8 SIC:
Mr Andy Crump Resources 2 of 3 Resources: 1 of 1
Mrs Libby Montgomery (Vice Chair) SIC 4 yrs


9 of 11 SIC:

Resources: 3 of 6

Mrs Clare Turner (Chair) SIC


4 yrs


Co-opted Governors
Mrs Louise Best SIC 4 yrs
10 of 11 SIC: 4 of 5
Mrs Carla Dixon (Vice Chair) Resources 4 yrs


10 of 11 Resources:
Mr Roger Dorey Resources 4 yrs


10 of 11 Resources:
Mr Jeff Hollis Resources 4 yrs
Mr Jeff Phillips Resources 4 yrs
10 of 11 Resources: 5 of 6
Elected staff governor
Mr Nick Yeldham SIC 4 yrs
8 of 11 SIC: 4 of 5
Mrs Claire Wicks (from 18/4/17) SIC


18/04/17 SIC:


Miss Melanie Smith

(retired 17/4/17)



01/01/05 SIC:


Associate Member
Mrs Eleanor Waller SIC 1 year


Mr Richard White Resources 1 year


8 of 11 Resources: 4 of 6

*Attendance figures do not include the last minute FGB held on 28 June 2017.

SIC – School Improvement Committee

Res – Resources Committee

Member Register of Interests Responsibility
Mr Gareth Antcliff Married to member of school staff
Mrs Louise Best Member of staff
Mr Andy Crump Safeguarding
Mrs Carla Dixon (Vice Chair) Inclusion & Pupil Premium
Mr Roger Dorey Premises & H&S
Mr Jeff Hollis
Mrs Libby Montgomery (Vice Chair)
Mr Jeff Phillips
Mrs Clare Turner (Chair)
Mrs Eleanor Waller Member of school staff
Mr Richard White
Mrs Claire Wicks Headteacher
Mrs Katy Wilmshurst Herts Music Service employee, Governor at Sir John Lawes School
Mr Nick Yeldham Member of school staff

Clerk – Mrs Cally Antcliff

Governor Profiles

Clare Turner –  Chair

I am serving as a parent governor with two sons who have now left the school.  I have enjoyed helping the school in various ways since my older son joined the school in 2006: on the HSA (including HSA Chair 2008 – 2010), as a parent volunteer in school, as Treasurer for the first Festival on the Field in 2012, and as a governor since 2011.  I have an engineering degree and an MBA, and have spent most of my career in strategy consulting, in the USA and later in London.  I now work part-time in management consulting.

Libby Montgomery – Vice Chair

I am a Parent Governor with two children who are in year 5 and year 3. I have volunteered in the school for a while and am looking forward to being involved as a Governor. I previously worked for a real estate investment manager in London. My previous experience as Chair of Governors at Batford Early Years Centre in Harpenden has equipped me with skills and experience which will be valuable as I take on the role of SIC Chair at Manland.

Carla Dixon – Vice Chair

I am a Co-opted Governor and have a primary school age son and two young-adult step-daughters. We live very close to Manland and I work as a Chartered Accountant in London. I used to be a Governor at my own primary school in Kent before moving to Harpenden so I am pleased to be supporting Manland as a Governor.

Gareth Antcliff

I am a parent governor and also sit on the school improvement committee. I have lived on Lea Road in Harpenden with my family since 2007, my eldest children are Rosie and Daniel in Venus class, with their younger sister Lauren in Saturn this year. I work as an IT consultant, so my role as a governor is a welcome breath of fresh air.

Lou Best

I am a Teaching Assistant at Manland, have worked at the school since 2011 and have recently joined the Governing Body as a co-opted governor. I have lived in Harpenden for 14 years, I have three daughters two at University and one at St George’s. I have been on various Parent Staff Associations over the years and look forward to supporting the school and the children in the future.

Roger Dorey

I am a Co-opted Governor and a retired research scientist; I am nowadays mainly interested in the Arts and History and  I have been researching the history of picture printing for quite a few years.  I have lived in Harpenden for over 40 years with my family; my three grown-up daughters all went to school locally.  I helped my wife to run a Harpenden Brownie pack until we retired.

Jeff Hollis

I have lived and worked in Harpenden for over 25 years for a local building group.  I have been involved in the local community for many years and when approached to join the governors as a co-opted governor I was pleased to have the opportunity to contribute to such a well-run and successful school. I am married with a teenaged son.

Claire Wicks

I have been a teacher since 2005, working in Harrow and Hillingdon in various different roles. I became the headteacher at Manland in April 2017;  I am excited to be leading the way on the next step of the schools journey to success.  I consider myself very fortunate, to have a highly experienced and dedicated team of staff who care deeply about nurturing and encouraging your children to achieve their very best.

Jeff Phillips

I have lived in Harpenden for over 30 years and am a co-opted governor at Manland. I take a particular interest in humanities subjects and am chair of the Resources Committee. In addition I am a member of Herts County Council Education Department’s Schools Appeals Panel.

Nick Yeldham

After a first career in media rights management and litigation I followed my wife into the teaching profession. I have subsequently worked with the Teaching Development Agency and a number of educational research centres, as well as teaching at a number of schools in the St Albans area. I currently teach in Year 6, having taught classes across Key Stages 1 and 2.

Katy Wilmshurst

I am an LEA Governor with 2 children who used to come to Manland but now go to Sir John Lawes School. I have been a governor at Manland since 2008 and am also a parent governor at Sir John Lawes school. I work as a violin teacher for Herts Music Service and as a freelance violinist. We have lived in Harpenden since 2001.

Richard White

I was co-opted in 2015 as an Associate Governor. I have lived in Harpenden since 1971; my three children went to school at Roundwood Primary, then St George’s. After working in the City I became editor of SBT – a financial magazine based in Sussex. My local interests have been mainly rugby and golf where I was involved in various capacities over several years.

Eleanor Waller

I have worked at Manland since 2013 across the Early Years and Key Stage 1.  I am part of the School Leadership Team, in the role of Deputy Head and have recently become an Associate Governor. Over my teaching career, I have worked across all of the Primary Key Stages and enjoy supporting and celebrating each child as an individual learner.

Andy Crump

I have been a parent at Manland school since 2012 and I think Manland is at its best when it is nurturing and building the confidence of our children. I have been a Civil Servant in Whitehall for nearly twenty years (which makes me feel very old), and over that time have developed an understanding of public sector finance and process, as well as how policy making in central Government can be felt locally. I am a member of the Manland Resources Committee, as well as the Full Governing Body, to seek to apply that experience to supporting the school.