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In maths lessons at Manland, children are taught to work mathematically through learning skills within number, measurement, geometry and statistics. Teachers follow the National Curriculum programmes of study for each year group, and build on objectives which are revisited each term to ensure skills are firmly embedded. Maths learning is presented in a variety of contexts and cross curricular links are made regularly.

Ways to help your child

  • Use money in real life situations and work out change
  • Read measuring scales, look at the divisions and work out the counting steps
  • Practise conversion between different units of measurement i.e.: mm – cm; ml – l; g – kg
  • Read an analogue clock and look at timetables
  • Teach the multiplication times tables

The Maths curriculum includes the following areas of learning:

Number Measurement Geometry Statistics Y6 also to include

Counting and understanding number

  • Understanding place value of numbers
  • This includes counting forwards and backwards
  • Writing and reading numbers
  • Comparing and ordering numbers
  • Estimating
  • Counting in multiples


  • Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division
  • Understanding inverse operations


  • Fractions of objects, shapes and quantities

Y5 onwards to include percentages

  • Non-standard to standard units of measure
  • Use of a range of measuring tools and equipment
  • Recording and comparing measurements such as length and height, mass and weight, capacity and volume, time and money
  • Recognising, naming and describing the properties of 2D and 3D shapes
  • Describe position, direction and movement

Y3 onwards

  • to include angles

Y4 onwards

  • to include:
    • Symmetry investigating more unusual quadrilaterals (four-sided shapes) and triangles

Y5 onwards

  • to include reflection and translation of shapes
  • To compare, sort and classify information
  • Collect, organise, answer and pose questions about information
  • Using a range of charts and tables to answer questions
Ratio and Proportion and Algebra

*Please refer to Stars class page to learn about the Reception class curriculum